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Arashi FanFic : Redundant 05

           The sound of clock in his room was twirling around with his mind at that time when he could hear the sound of Ninomiya was breathing constantly from the other side. How he felt his heart beat was decreasing and palpitating at the same at time. At that time, how he wishes that the clock would be ticking much faster because he wanted to end that day and go away to another day… Aiba inhaled a deep breath as he was startled when he heard the response from Ninomiya. He raised his eyebrow before he furrowed his eyebrow close together. His heart quivered with too many questions at that time as the joy of him wanting to hear an objection or a struggle that Ninomiya had gone through to get Matsumoto to agree with him somehow shaded slightly. Aiba looked at the news paper that day regarding the event at the Primse Mall tomorrow night.
            ‘Did Matsumoto just simply say yes to him?’ he thought on his own, at the same time, he heard someone else was calling for him as well. Aiba rubbed his eyes with his slender fingers to ensure that he wasn’t dreaming, “Matsumoto said yes that he will be there,” but somehow the echo of Ninomiya’s voice were taunting him.  ‘No, this can’t be it…’ he said, gripping the paper than he was holding in his hand and shakes his head from side to side to wake him up from the illusion that he thought he had.
            Almost all of the press and everybody know how ruthless and arrogant Matsumoto can be. He was certain that Matsumoto don’t really bother about anyone else apart from only himself. He could spend the whole night only being left on his own without anyone else disturbing him. He got no shame to argue with the press if he doesn’t like what they have done to him, but Aiba wondered why that made his fans does went more cra\y for him? Because of him being too rude? Or was it because of him being the diva of the pop entertainment industry? Aiba sighed when the image that he was thinking of tomorrow doesn’t seems to appear in his mind. Surely, he doesn’t know Matsumoto at all apart from the entire source that he has, and his good friend, Sakurai, was one of it, but will he even be there tomorrow.
            Aiba lifted both side of his shoulder up, ‘I don’t know what will happen next…’ he said as he felt his heart that was beating slow, began to pound harder. He knows that Ninomiya is the son of one of the CEO in the Daily Life Company, but could Ninomiya bear to handle the shame of not getting what he had promised for? No, for what he had been paid for?
            “Hello! Earth to Aiba! Earth to Aiba! Calling for Aiba!” Aiba snapped when he heard the echoes of someone calling for him. Aiba inhaled his breath instantly as he felt before he wasn’t breathing at all. Aiba cleared his throat, “Earth to Aiba!” he heard the echo once again. Aiba widens his eyes when he pushed the news paper that was crumpled lightly to the side when he heard Ninomiya was calling for his name. Aiba chuckled lightly, “Yes, what is it?” he respond to Ninomiya without even thinking of anything else. He heard Ninomiya was moving around his house as his footsteps seem to be louder than his voice spoken to him.
            Ninomiya sighed, “And I thought I was talking on my own once again,” Ninomiya said to Aiba, feeling unsatisfied from the silent that Aiba had given to him earlier. Aiba snorted lightly when he heard Ninomiya said that to him. He remembered back before when the two of them had a conversation regarding something as important as this, Aiba was too tired from his work the whole day earlier, and fallen asleep when the two of them were still talking to each other. Aiba smiled on his own as he tries to push away the thought of tomorrow from his mind when the memories of them from some time ago came back to his heart. Aiba smiled cheekily, “And what if that happens once again?”  Aiba said. He heard Ninomiya laughed on his own when the sound of him closing his bedroom door echoes at the same time.
            Aiba smiled alone as he tries to ease his uneasy heart and he was sure too even though Ninomiya didn’t say anything to him, deep in his heart, he knows that Ninomiya was uncertain. Aiba inhaled a deep breath as he took a short pause before he could even speak anything. ‘I really hope that it will happen tomorrow, Ninomiya,’ he said in his heart. He knows that it worried him too much, but there are boundaries of being petrified over something, happiness and other things too in this life. “Are you sure that he will come tomorrow, Aiba?” he heard Ninomiya asked him. Oh, how that question has torn his heart apart, but Aiba has to give courage to his friend. Aiba smiled and nodded his head to agree, “Don’t worry too much, Ninomiya. I know he will be there.” he said. Ninomiya only nodded his head, “I hope so…” he replied Aiba, but in his heart, he still felt reluctant of what will happen tomorrow.
            The two of them wishes each other good night as Aiba said to him that he would have some other matters to do early in the morning tomorrow before his flight to get back to Tokyo and joined in the event with him. Ninomiya didn’t argue much as even he was feeling unsettled from the whole day. Aiba hung up the phone and putted it on the table next to him. Aiba dimmed the light as the only thing in his mind was him wanting to go to sleep. Aiba sealed his eyes shut when suddenly the thought of someone else came across his mind.
            The reminiscence of that night was too night to even be remembered, but both him and Ninomiya had caused a trouble when the two of them went out that night. They had met with somebody that certainly Ninomiya who was hung over couldn’t remember who it was anymore, but his image was still fresh in Aiba’s mind as if like it was only happened a day before. Aiba inhaled a deep breath.
            “If you couldn’t find what you should be searching for, my son… one day ahead, there are certainly chaos waiting for you. There are certainly matters that would accede to your heart and won’t ever return again,” the stranger said with his glance only looking upon Ninomiya.

            Aiba felt his heart shrunk with the thought of his voice echoes in his mind… Aiba gritted his teeth against each other, as he felt his heart that was already calm started to pound so hard once again… “Could it be tomorrow right?” he asked himself... Aiba couldn’t even manage to be thinking of what will come the next day anymore as at the end, he had fallen sleep with a restless heart.


            As the hours had passed away, another day come once again, as the afternoon sun light that was raging bright upon the world were giving those human some fresh warm air to be breathing it, but some part of Tokyo, the bright hot sun light was melting away the snow on the winter days at that time. The mend of two temperature somehow ease their heart on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
            Certain people were having a good time with their family, as those children and parents were playing around at the garden as the sun light didn’t bother them too much, but to certain people, it was a day where they can still spend another day being kept inside their house, locked in their room as there wasn’t any work to be thinking of at that time, but like how it was on a regular day, another day at a shopping mall was still busy like how it usually does.
            Ninomiya looked at Miyoko that was arranging the entrance for the free seating zone for the performance of a few artists that will come for the anniversary that day. “Should we arrange it like this, Ninomiya San?” she asked Ninomiya that was doing some paper work. Ninomiya turned his glance towards her when he could only give her a smile. How he was happy to be having her on his side of the team instead of her going somewhere else in the department. Miyoko looked at Ninomiya curiously, “Ninomiya san?” she said as she was waving her hand to get his attention.
            Ninomiya who seems to be captivated with her work was lost in his mind as he was feeling slightly tired too to be going on with his work at that time. He nodded his head in response but she was a little bit far from him for her to see what he was doing but suddenly Ninomiya felt someone touched his shoulder when he turned to his side and saw his friend, one of the head man of his office, Mr. Takeda Ryoichi was standing beside him. He leaned close to him, “I don’t think so she can hear you,” he said to Ninomiya with a slight smirk on his face. Ninomiya was shocked for some time when he laughed, “Okay, boss!” he replied to Takeda. Takeda laughed when he looked at Mr. Takeda walked away from there. Ninomiya smiled to him, ‘”You never change!| he said alone when he turned his gaze and looked at Miyoko with an okay sign with his hand. Ninomiya inhaled a deep breath, “That is good!” he said to Miyoko.
            Miyoko smiled when she heard his respond, she nodded her head, “Okay, Ninomiya San!” she replied him.  Ninomiya sighed as he felt slightly weary from everything that he has to be doing on that day… No, Ninomiya thought alone when his gaze were looking everywhere when he see some people were arranging this and that in that place. He released a slow sighed when he knows that he didn’t do it on his own, but it was him and his team. Ninomiya smirked slightly, “I can’t be doing all of this on my own,” he said silently when he continue to be adjusting the sound system for the small concert that night, but somehow, his eyes were glancing to his sight and he saw a poster of that day event.
            Ninomiya grabs it in his hand. He looked at the poster precisely and lightly bite his lips when he was curious about all these unknown guest artist that will be coming that night. His mind were drafting on its own, ‘I wonder why do this Mall would want all of these unfamiliar acts?’ he said in his heart. Ninomiya lifted his shoulder up as he doesn’t bother about it all anymore. He had manage to get everybody to sign the agreement to be performing that night and that is enough for him, but the image of somebody printed on the poster caught his sight. Ninomiya furrowed his eyebrow as his heart began to pound so hard at that time.
            Matsumoto Jun, one of Japan’s most wanted act of all time will be attending that night. Certainly almost everyone that will be there wanted to see him live at not a really high ticket price, even though it was only a few songs, he believed that the fans would appreciate that he would be appearing there that night. Ninomiya sealed his eyes when the time that he was there in front of Matsumoto’s eyes came back to his mind. “I will be there.” Matsumoto said that to him, in a tone not that pleasing but isn’t that sarcastically too. Ninomiya leaned back against the wall behind his back as he let himself down on the seat beside him…
            “Will you be there anyway?” he asked himself when he put the poster away on the table close to him, he remembered suddenly what Aiba had said to him too last night… “An artist that is so hard to get can easily say yes to you? You better watch out if he won’t even bother to be going there tomorrow night.” Aiba said to him in a devious tone. Ninomiya shakes his head from side to side, “No… That won’t be right…” he said alone as he was trying to give himself strength to be facing what will happen in only a few more hours. He could already hear the sound of fans that were excited to see Matsumoto that night, Ninomiya felt his sweat started to fall at the side of his cheek from the excitement of everybody.
            Apart from thinking that his company would be sued for not managing to get this artist without any reason, he wondered why his heart was pounding so hard only thinking about that Matsumoto guy. Ninomiya wiped away his sweat that was falling down, “Stop thinking bullshits, Ninomiya,” he said to himself, while rubbing his eyes as also that that time, his anxious were taking control of him just like that. Ninomiya grabbed a bottle of plain water on the table that he had drank earlier and took a sip of it to release his stress and disturbing thought away. He wanted to stop drinking but at the end, he finished the whole bottle of it. He looked at the empty bottle as he threw it in the dustbin close to him, “I better get out from here before I blow my head,” he said alone.
            He stood up from there and walked away from the place that he was before with his mind were still playing around with him. He turned his gaze and looked at his team mate with a slight smile on his face, “I want to take some fresh air for a bit,” he said to Toshio Marukame, one of his best man of his team. Toshio turned his gaze and looked at Ninomiya with a smile on his face. “Alright mate. Sure. Take your time,” he replied to Ninomiya. Ninomiya returned his smile and walked out from there.
            He opened the backstage door and went straight outside. It was only four in the evening but it seems like the night looked like it was already eight at night. How the coldness of the outside world were making his heart froze in a short time. Ninomiya rubbed his hands against each other as he was trying to give himself a slight warmth for him to survive being outside for some time. “This is a freezing cold air of winter night,” he grumbled alone, lifting his shoulder up and walked away from there.
            Ninomiya sealed his eyes shut when the image of Matsumoto instantly came back crawling in his mind. The warmth of his hand as they first time touched against each other, how irritating that man could be, and how much it annoys Ninomiya to only be thinking about him, but why does he always see his reflection as he was trying to push him away from his thought? Why does his voice kept on whispering to his ear telling him that he would be there that night kept on repeating itself over and over again? Why does every time he was thinking about Matsumoto, he felt how reluctant his heart was arguing, but his heart continue to pound as it stopped too at the same time. It was like he wanted to see that man once again.
            “No… That couldn’t be it…” he said alone as he forced himself to open his eyes once again, but if only he could just sealed it shut for the whole night and see Matsumoto’s reflection in front of his face once again… His heart was curious why would he be feeling that way… Why would he kept on thinking of Matsumoto that way almost …. Every day?... Ninomiya sighed as he wanted to walk away from there and finally after a long time, he manage to opened his eyes once again, but accidently, he ran against somebody that was sitting at the edge of the bench he walked passed by.
            The sound of polystyrene cup and the splash of water that has fallen down caught his attention. Ninomiya looked to his side instantly when he saw an old man that it seems like he had met before, but he wasn’t sure where. “I’m really sorry!” he said immediately to that man. He looked at the warm coffee that has spilled all over the ground. Ninomiya turned his gaze once again towards that old man that was only wearing a torn pants and t-shirt on a freezing cold night. Ninomiya took off his jacket and wrapped it around that old man’s body. The old man didn’t even look at his direction, but only nodded his head, “Thank you, son…” he said to Ninomiya.  Ninomiya smiled to that man slightly, “It is okay. It is a frozen cold night tonight…” Ninomiya said to that man and he took out his wallet and wanted to give him cash as it looks like this old man was homeless and he had spilled the drink that he just bought.
            Perhaps it was with his only money left to buy that coffee and Ninomiya had messed it all up. Ninomiya tries to calm himself down, ‘Oh, damn it! Why did I even bother about that guy anyway!’ he grumbled in his heart. He old man turned his gaze towards Ninomiya when he wasn’t looking at his sight, Ninomiya took out 5,000 yen and hand it to the old man, “Take this, mr,” he said to that old man, but the old man shakes his head from side to side.
            “No, son… it is not the money that I want…” he said to Ninomiya slowly. Ninomiya stood up straight and looked at that man. His mind was fiddling on his own, ‘Where have I seen you before,’ he said when he felt that man’s hand touched against him, he felt a jolt of electricity went through his body. Ninomiya widens his eyes and backed away instantly from the shock he had. ‘What was that?!’ he wondered alone. The money that he was holding in his hand dropped  down on the ground and somehow flown away from the cold breeze that were blowing against his skin.
            Ninomiya was startled when that old man looked at him, “No, son… It is not money that I want… It is only good deeds and regrets that prolong to be forgiven that I only hope for…” he said to Ninomiya and looked away from him. ‘Why does it feel like that?!’ he wondered in his mind as his heart were pounding harder than it was before. Ninomiya was startled when he looked at that old man stood up and walked away from that place slowly, but more further that person went away from him, the harder his heart pound. He wasn’t sure if he was breathing anymore at that time.
            “What is happening?!” he said alone. He looked towards the road that the old man had taken a while ago and he couldn’t see him anymore. His sweats began to pour out on a freezing cold night and how he felt his heart was trembling apart. Why does the image of that old man were still in his mind and what would be worse when he sealed his eyes shut, he could see the other man’s eyes were gazing towards his eyes…Ninomiya had a gulp as he was gripping his frozen fingers tight against each other…
            “Matsumoto…” he mention his name…


            The cold day that night was shivering his heart that was palpitating, as the air that he was breathing in seems to be held half way before it could even reach any closer to him.  At that time, he was only laying flat on the ground as the sky above him began to rain. The mud that was so close to him began to pour slowly towards him. “Argh! What is all of this?!” he said alone, as at that time, the winter breeze that was freezing his body cold were blowing brutally against his skin. He wanted to go away, but he couldn’t even manage to even raise one of his fingers up. The cold night was raging against the hot temperature that was burning in his heart. He grumbled as the pains that he felt in his heart were killing him somehow… He gripped his fist tighter as he wanted to go away from there, but there wasn’t any use for him to even be trying. He was bound there with his greed and self needs.
            Matsumoto sealed his shut when the thought of that old man came back to his mind, “Search for the only one that can cure your heart… free your mind…” he said to Matsumoto in a gruesome tone. The echoes of voices that were crying about their regrets and everything else in their life began to pour all over him once again. “Argh!!!!” he screamed so hard, but even he couldn’t hear his own voice, but only their voices were burying him alive. How he felt his heart were pounding so furiously. How he wanted all of this to end right then, he doesn’t bother anymore if it was his own life he has to sacrifice. Perhaps he could see a better place if he wasn’t breathing anymore… But the hot temperature kept on increasing as high as it was freezing that night. A loud thunder and storm emerged on the empty sky above him as he could only see flashes of it went though the darkest night.
            How he felt his heart was trembling apart… “Please…” be was begging for a second chance, but the happy thought of his afterlife were buried with the image of something that he doesn’t want to see. How he felt the fire were burning his skin alive, how he was peading to be release but nobody could even hear him. He tried to took another step but all he did was only fell in a pond of lava beneath him. There wasn’t anything else he could be doing apart from only cry for help, but he knows that there wasn’t anybody there that could even hear him.
            Those tears that have fallen down from his eyes actually meant nothing at that time. His heart that was pounding before seems to be taking a slower time to be beating, he wasn’t sure if he was still even breathing. How he felt like he world had swollen him raw in a dark cold grave at that night… how he felt his cold body was burnt alive, and he knows that there isn’t any more use of him hoping to be breathing anymore…. At that second, how he wanted for all of this to end… Maybe it was the repayment of all those sins that he had done… the echoes that he kept on hearing almost every night had given him no more hope to be living in anymore. Matsumoto gritted his teeth against each other, as he was sure that it is his last resort to be going too…
            “Just take my life away…” he said as whatever that he had seem before had dimmed down as he could no longer see anymore light shone for him anymore. The echoes of sound seems to be shading away as it was the end of his life… how he was glad that his final chapter would end peacefully… Matsumoto inhaled a deep breath as his thought about everything seems to be fading away…
            At that time, he felt like he was floating on the air as he could no longer feel the weight of himself anymore… but somehow, he heard footsteps were approaching his direction and an extreme noise took over his silent surrounding. “Argh!” Matsumoto groaned once again as those sound and footsteps were disturbing his mind strictly at that time. “What is happening?!” he grumbled alone. He felt his heart began to pound once again, and the ache that he had felt earlier falls upon him once again. Matsumoto felt shuddered as the footsteps were approaching closer to him as at the same time, he had fallen down on the mud below him. He sealed his eyes shut as the pain was taking over him.
            “Why…” he grumbled as he tries to move his body… but his weight seems to be double than his original weight. He couldn’t move anywhere anymore. How he was afraid at that time… How he was afraid to see what would happen soon… The footsteps that he heard before seems to be too much closer to him as the shadow of him only was standing right by his side… Matsumoto took a glimpse of him, as he felt his heart was falling apart…
            “Who is this man…” he said silently… The shadow’s hand were reaching down for him… “Hold my hand… and let’s live our life…” the shadow said to him gruesomely… Matsumoto furrowed his eyebrow, “Who are you…” he asked the person… but his shadow were evaded by the attendance of that old man along side of him…
            “Find the only one that can cure your heart… free your mind…” he said to Matsumoto again… Matsumoto screamed once again as instead of those voices were haunting his mind, it was that old man that was tormenting his heart… The shadow that was standing beside him turns around and how reluctant Matsumoto’s heart to see who it was…
            “You…” he said in a tormented horror… 

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Arashi FanFic : Redundant 04

            He opened the front door of his house and walked inside. He sighed when he looked at the kitchen that he has forgotten to turned off the light earlier before he left out for some work. He had settle certain things at the Mall that has it’s event tomorrow, but at the time, he doesn’t bother about anything else anymore. He put the bag that he had been carrying around that daya t the side of the couch when he sat on the seat next to it.
            He grumbled lightly, “What a tough day…”he said when he sealed his eyes for a short time. He was glad that he made it home early that day. Usually he would be stuck out side until it was mid night trying to sort things out. He would never thought that the Prime Mall would agree on how his and his assistance Miyoko’s arrangement as easy as that. Certain company would argue back on how they wanted it to be, but he guess it was his luck that time. He inhale a deep breath as slowly he undoes the tie that he was wearing for the whole day, and slowly unbuttoning the shirt that he was wearing. Even though the weather was slightly cold, but he still felt like his body was burning inside.
            How his heart was pounding from the restless day, his mind were still asking him too many things, but he doesn’t know or doesn’t want to think of any answer at that time. He sighed, “Better not let all of this crap disturb my head,” he said alone. Ninomiya puts the bag that he had place at the side of the couch on the floor as he leaned back against the couch he was sitting on. The thought of what comes so easy that day somehow worried is heart because he knows that nothing would come that easy in this world.
            Matsumoto Jun is the toughest person that he would even come cross to his mind to get his hands on, but why does it was so easy earlier? Ninomiya furrowed his eyebrow when he felt his heart twisted somehow, “Am I dreaming?” he wondered as the image of that man came back flowing in his mind even though with his eyes wide open. He thought were drifting away with that guy. He felt eerie when his thoughts were thinking too much of that man… He gritted his teeth against each other, he gripped his fist tighter, shaking his head from side to side when suddenly, he laugh on his own…
            “Get a grip, Ninomiya. Stop thinking stupid things with all of this bullshits matter!” he said alone, with a sly smile on his face. He looked to the side of where he was sitting and grabbed a frame that was close to him. He touched the mirror with his fingers lightly. He smiled on his own when he looks at her face on the photograph that was taken before they said goodbye to each other. He felt his heart triggers when he remembered what was the last thing that she had said to him before she went away from his life…

            “There will always be a second chance…” she said that to him softly before she leaned closer to him and give him a kiss that he still couldn’t forget until it was today. Ninomiya smiled on his own because his memories with her were still alive and wide awake in his mind… Ninomiya hold the frame close to him, “Whatever happen, Tsumiko, you will always be in my heart…” he said that slowly as he closed his eyes once again. He doesn’t want to think of what has happened that day anymore… And if it was possible, he wanted to be left alone at least on that night before another busy day tomorrow…
            But somehow, in silent as the reflection og her beautiful smile that came across in his mind were merge somehow with the thought of another person that he shouldn’t even bother about…


            As everybody were busy with their daily life with the one they love and their work, not many actually notice how time has went away as the sun rise that once before shining the whole world has dimmed down slightly. It was another day that he isn’t thinking about work, he yawned as he felt about taking an early sleep that day, but how was it possible for him to be doing that as his mind was thinking about too much work. He walked around in his kitchen with a cup of coffee he had made in his hand and walked towards the small dining table inside his house. He grabbed the news paper he had gotten earlier that day, “I wonder what is up with the world today…” he grumbled alone.
            He put the coffee mug first on the table as he sat down on the seat close enough to where he was standing and started to flipped through the news paper. He read on certain topic that seems too caught up his attention, but he seems not to bother about it at all somehow. The daily life seems to be regular each and every day, except perhaps the crime that happened too regularly nowadays. He furrowed his eyebrow as he continues to look at what was interesting inside and somehow, something else caught his eyesight.
            Matsumoto grabbed his mug and drink the warm coffee inside of it with a slight smirk across his face. “Prime Mall 6th Anniversary celebration. Tomorrow night, seven pm onwards. Great gift for the lucky winners and don’t want to miss a chance to be meeting Matsumoto Jun for only 2000 yen!” he said as an excited fan. Matsumoto rolled his eyes when he grabbed the cheque that he had put on the counter table inside the room. He looked at the
500,000 yen cheque that he has gotten earlier that day. He furrowed his eyebrow after he looked at it for quite sometimes. Why would a company wanted to waste their money for him only for a short session of performance that night anyway. He gritted his teeth agaist each other when he felt his heart began to mellow in a distance time. He sighed, “Anniversay huh…,” he said alone as he crumpled the cheque lightly and puts it on the table. He pushed himself up as he finished the last sip of the warm coffee and gotten up from the stool that he had sat on and walked away from the kitchen, “Let just see what will happen tomorrow…” he said alone as somehow, he started to feel his heart began to palpitate a little extravagant at that time.
            He walked towards his bedroom as he really don’t feel like doing anything at all that day, he wanted to end his night before another day begin… no, before the echoes that he always hear return to him once again… He took off the t-shirt that he was wearing and puts it at the side of his bed and he closed his eyes. He reached his hand out as he turned on the heater on the bed he was laying on and wishes that his night would be a good time for him to dream. He opened his eyes slowly once again when his heart was asking him too much questions.
            He turned to his side when he notice the clock on the wall was only nine fifteen at that time. Matsumoto furrowed his eyebrow when he couldn’t believe that he decided to sleep that early that time. He shakes his head from side to side, “Maybe I should just sleep…” he remind himself as somehow in his heart, he felt like he wanted to do something else as well. He inhaled a deep breath and prayed in his heart that he could just forget about everything else that happened that day.
            After the time he was cursed long time ago, he was certain that almost every night was the hardest time of his life. He couldn’t bear the sound of people talking to him, but he couldn’t respond back to them. He inhaled a deep breath as he smiled slightly when he thought about what he was going to tell them… Perhaps asking them to shut the hell up and never speak again?! But it isn’t possible for everyone to do that, as even though their mouth isn’t saying anything, their mind and heart were still fiddling with each other. An argument that only them can hear, it would sound crazy, but he guess that is the thing that almost everybody would do…
            He sealed his eyes once again when suddenly, the imagine of the man that he had met earlier, Ninomiya Kazunari, came back crawling in his head and slowly he felt is heart twinge a little bit. “Why am I curious of who you are?” he wondered alone in heart. He inhaled his breath slowly as he was trying to erase the thought of that man from his mind… He lay flat on his bed as he wanted to walk away from his life. All these dull and misery, he don’t think so he could comply with it anymore. Matsumoto grabbed the pillow next to him when he covered his face with it, pressing it down, hoping that he couldn’t be breathing anymore. He felt the time somehow had stopped suddenly, but at the end, he opened his eyes once again and throw away the pillow he was holding in his hand to the side.
            Matsumoto was gasping for some air to be breathing in, he bite his lips lightly. How he felt the grief of this all had been tormenting his life, Matsumoto felt the sweat began to fall down from his face even though it was a cold and chilly night. He tries to inhale a deep breath, gripping the clean white bed spread he was laying on; he shakes his head from side to side. “I can’t do this!” he said those words for a couple of time. How he felt his heart was raging so badly as he continuously smacking on the bed he was laying on to release the tension that fe felt building up in his body go. He sealed his eyes tighter as the sound of those whispers began to come forth in his mind once again… “Just forget about all of this!” he grumbled alone vigorously, he pushed everything that was at the side of his bed on the ground. He just felt like he wanted to be left alone at that night. Matsumoto sighed as he heart began to palpitate forcefully, he turned around as he lay on his bed face down, and force himself to go to sleep..


            At that time, as the cold wind was blowing against his warm skin, he felt his relentless heart was somehow at ease once again. How the beautiful season that he was looking upon had clear his thought at that night as the time were still ticking away. How he wishes that the time would stop and only let him to be left there on his own. He grumbled on his own... “Please... Don’t go away from me...” he said all alone. Ninomiya looked at her that was calling for him...
            “Come here, my love... Follow me...” she lightly whispered to him... How he felt his heart was aching as he was trying to approached her closer, the further she left him hanging there alone... In the fog that somehow has no more light, Ninomiya was making his way towards her, he doesn’t know where he was going but he was still following the sound of her calling for his name... “Ninomiya san...” the voice echoes in his mind that was triggering in silent. How he felt his heart was pounding. “Don’t go away from me, Tsumiko!” he called out for her but the voice that echoes in his heart seems to be shading away each steps he was taking forward...
            The earth that he was standing on somehow was trembling apart. “What the hell?!” he grumbled alone as he was stumbling down. He manage to grabbed on a branch that was close to him before he had fallen to end of his life, “What is happening!” his mind was thinking alone, but his voice couldn’t be heard anymore as the echoes of something that was terrifying his heart grew louder than it was before. He looked at the branch that he was holding has seemed to be torn apart. The vibration that he felt before was still there...
            He felt his sweat fell down on the clothes that he was wearing and somehow had putted on extra weight on his body. “Oh no, no, no!” he said alone as the concussion that he felt has become worse. He doesn’t know how much that tree branch will hold him anymore. Ninomiya sealed his eyes shut as he felt terrified with what was about to happened to him. Suddenly he heard a loud sound of laughter overcome his surroundings. He opened his eyes slightly when he recognize the hideous smile that was looking straight at his direction...
            “This will be the end of your life...” the shadow spoken to him. How he felt his heart quivered with too many question when Matsumoto suddenly came to his imagination, “What do you mean?!” he manage to asked even though he just don’t want to be in this dreadful sensation anymore. He heard the sound of that branch cracked and without him even manage to do anything anymore, the branch had divided into two and he fell down on the ground below him.
            “No!!!” he could only manage to scream...

            He heard a loud thud when at that time, he opened his eyes instantly. The vibration that he felt earlier was still there, he looked around when he notice that he was only on the floor inside his house. He groaned a little when he felt his body ache since he actually only fell down from the couch that he had fallen asleep earlier. He furrowed his eyebrow, “It was only a nightmare!” he groaned alone. He felt the vibration getting harder and somehow it didn’t stop for quite some time already. He raised one side of his eyebrow when he remembered that he didn’t took out his mobile phone from his pocket yet. He pushed himself up from the floor before he could even bother to see who it was calling him for a couple of time already.
            Ninomiya rubbed his eyes and took out the phone from his pocket. The vibration has somehow stopped when he was holding the phone in his hand. “Who would be calling me at this time...” he grumbled when he thought that the time was already late. He looked at the clock in his living room and was surprise that it still didn’t each twelve at night. “I must has fell asleep early...” he said to himself when he looked at him still having his shirt that wasn’t buttoned anymore was still hanging on his body. Ninomiya lifted his shoulder up when he unlocked his mobile phone to see who it was that has called him.
            “Five miscalls...” he said as his fingers were scrolling on the screen to see who it was that couldn’t stop calling him. He raised his eyebrow when he see that it was only from the same person... “What do you want from me now, Aiba!” he said as he pressed on the call button to get back to that guy that was in Hokkaido for some important issue.
            Ninomiya inhaled a deep breath as he heard the ringing tone was still going on as there was still nobody picking up the call. “Now where the hell are you?” he asked alone and after a while of waiting, he decided to hang up the phone, but before he could even press the button, somebody picked up the phone from the other side.
            “Hello, Ninomiya! My man!” he heard Aiba greeted him, somehow excited over something somehow... Ninomiya raised one side of his eyebrow, “Shouldn’t I be the one who ask you that question? You called me for five times and destroyed my everlasting dream a while ago and you are asking me what’s up?” he replied Aiba statically. He heard Aiba laughed suddenly, “Oh, chill man! Don’t take things too hard! Just take it easy!” Aiba said to Ninomiya. Ninomiya shakes his head and rolled his eyes as he was irritated slightly with what Aiba had said to him. How he wish that Aiba would be the one doing the work that day perhaps then he could be asking him that question.
            He heard Aiba chuckled lightly, “So, how’s everything with you and the event...” Aiba asked him slyly. Ninomiya felt like he wanted to strangled this guy at that time if he was in front of his face, but Ninomiya only inhaled a deep breath, “Well, The Prime Mall didn’t argue with anything that, you, me and Miyoko had planned for them,” Ninomiya replied straight towards his face. Aiba nodded his head as he could hear the sound of his phone running against the t-shirt that he was wearing, “That sound great...” Aiba replied Ninomiya. He leaned against the couch that he was sitting on and nodded his head in agreement, “Yeah. I guess I’m done with that part of my duty.” he said to Aiba.
            Ninomiya heard Aiba was making a strange sound on the other side and made him curious with what was he actually doing. Ninomiya furrowed his eyebrow, “What are you doing, man?” he asked Aiba. Aiba widen his eyes when he took a sip of the juice he was drinking earlier. “Oh, I’m not doing anything... I’ only curious about something...” he said to Ninomiya cheekily. Ninomiya rolled his eyes when he knows what was on Aiba’s mind. He inhaled a deep breath before he continues to speak to this man, he sealed his eyes shut, ‘I know you want to know what I know and you still don’t know...’ Ninomiya said in his heart.
            He heard Aiba inhaled a deep breath too, “So... How is everything with you and...” he heard Aiba said and if it was possible he doesn’t want to hear that man’s name anymore. Ninomiya furrowed his eyebrow, “He agreed to come.” he give Aiba a final answer before Aiba could even continue to speak any longer. He heard Aiba chuckled and clapped his hand, “Oh my God! Are you for real?!” he asked Ninomiya in surprise. He knows that it isn’t an easy task to be getting Matsumoto Jun and he was astonished that Ninomiya had managed to get him. He wondered if Ninomiya had put a magic spell on that man or any way.
            Aiba smiled cheekily on his side... He was still doubtful anyway, but he was eager to know more, “How did you manage to get him that easy?” he asked Ninomiya. He only rolled his eyes when he had expected to hear that question from Aiba. He knew that this guy always take things easy, but his curiosity sometimes, kills the mood of anything that should be cheered for. Ninomiya wasn’t sure if this news would bring revelation on this guy or it would ticks on his nerve. Ninomiya inhale a deep breath and furrow his eyebrow before he gave an answer to Aiba.
            “He only said, yes...” he said to Aiba, waiting for his reaction on the news that he had mention to him. Aiba’s jaw dropped down instantly, “Seriously?!” he said to Ninomiya.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Arashi FanFic : Redundant 03

            How he felt his body was shaking as he was trying so hard to force himself to stand up. He sealed his eyes shut as he felt the pain that was belting against his body was putting him down. He had never felt like this before in his entire life, “What the fuck is going on?!” he cursed on his own as finally he manage to stands up once again with a strong force of pushing himself up. How he felt the rage that was burning in his heart as his heart was palpitating harder than it was before as the sound of someone knocking on the front door was still haunting him.
            “Hello?!” he heard the echo of somebody calling for him from outside his house. Matsumoto tries so hard to ignore the noise that he heard and continue his journey to move ahead, “Whoever it is, can’t you give me some time?! It is Saturday anyway!” he groaned alone.
            He puts on the t-shirt that he had grabbed earlier on the chair close to his living room hall, as the echo that he heard just now seems to weaken as he was approaching his front door closer. He raised his eyebrow and wondered if that person already went away, and it would delighted him if he doesn’t disturb his day anymore. Matsumoto gritted his teeth as he wondered who it was.
            “Next time, please give me a call first before you come to my house!” he grumbled silently as he stood in front of the front door. He wondered who it was outside of his house. Matsumoto inhaled a deep breath as somehow, he felt slightly dread in a bright day that day. He sighed and grabbed the key at the side of the table next to the counter close to his front door. He looked at the key for quite sometimes. Matsumoto furrowed his eyebrow, ‘Perhaps I forgot to take it into the room last night,’ he said. He lifted his shoulder up when he heard the footsteps of someone walking outside his house and without any hesitation, he opened the front door opened and he looked at the man that he had never seen before in his entire life.
            The man turned around when he heard the door was opened finally and smiled to whoever it was standing in front of it. He looked at Matsumoto from head to toe. He was only wearing his grey short pants and a deep blue t-shirt that was crumpled. He doesn’t want to let his thought of this man drifted in his mind, ‘Let’s not think too much...’ he said in his heart as he inhaled a deep breath and reached his hand out to greet the man in front of him, “Hello there, Mr. Matsumoto. Nice to meet you,” he said to Matsumoto.
            Matsumoto raised his eyebrow as he accepted the man’s hand for a handshake and looked at him dully, “Hi. Nice to meet you too.” He replied that man but looked at him qith too much questions in his mind. He furrowed his eyebrow as he pulled his hand away from the man in frnt of him, “Who are you again?” he asked the man relentlessly that was wearing a brown shirt and a black jeans in front of him. What he wear seems to be too formal to be going to somebody’s house, but Matsumoto doesn’t care about that. He just wanted to know who is this stranger that suddenly come knocking on his door at... early time...
            The man looked at his watch and notice that it was already five minutes to one in the evening. He was sure that he didn’t disturb someone that was still sleeping on an early day, or it could be that this person is too lazy to even wake up in the morning... He inhaled a deep breath and smiled once again to Matsumoto.
            “I’m Ninomiya Kazunari, from the Daily Life,” he said to Matsumoto. Matsumoto nodded his head as he remembered that he did give this man his address last night.
            “Oh yeah.. It’s you....” he answered Ninomiya.


            On a sunny a few minutes passed afternoon, outside at the Kanagawa prefecture, everybody were busy with their regular routine everyday, even though it was on Saturday. Some kids would still have their school earlier that day as the same goes with adults who still have things that were still unwished with their work, but somehow, this man was supposed to be attending a matter in Hokkaido but at the end it was cancelled on a last minute call. He was only wearing his pink short and white t-shirt and was still inside his hotel room as he doesn’t know where he wanted to go that day.
            After he heard the news that the meeting was cancelled when he was at the airport, his mind were playing around with himself. ‘It was weekend and why should I get back home...’ he thought that when he only changes his flight ticket instead of going to Hokkaido, he went to Okinawa instead. He remembered that his friend, Sho Sakurai, has a matter with his artist over there. Why not he go there and relax his mind and who knows if he have some extra time, it would be nice for him to go and meet with Sakurai. He knows that he wasn’t doing anything at all.
            He had a long stretched as he felt a little relieved from working out earlier in the morning at the gym inside this four star hotel he rent near by the beach. He inhaled a deep breath, “Argh!! What a happy life!” he grumbled alone as he was sorting himself on the bed. He looked at the watch he was wearing in his hand. It was only one fifteen in the evening, and he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do for that day. He winced slightly as he turned his gesture on the bed to the other side as he lay flat face down on the white sheeted bed he was laying on. How he was relieve he was there that day. He doesn’t have to think about his work anymore for a few days, but somehow, he smiled on his own when he was thinking about the thought of his work...
            “I wish you all the best, Ninomiya...” he said lazily. He remembered the conversation he had with Sakurai when he met him last night. He couldn’t deny that everything that he said was right, but at some point of it, he should give Ninomiya a go on his own. He turned around once again as he lay flat facing up towards the ceiling of his room, he opened his eyes slowly as the sunlight from the outside has brighten some part of his room with the curtains slightly opened. He smiled as he recalled back everything that happened last night...

            He went towards a grill restaurant near by the Okinawa beach as he had set the time to met with Sakurai that night. He looked at the watch as he was afraid that he was late, “I hope he didn’t leave me!” he said as he was reaching the shop. He noticed that he was ten minutes delay from the traffic jam on a Friday night. He took his steps twice as fast than he did before. He felt his heart palpitates somehow as he was reaching closer towards the cafe that both of them had made a promise to meet. He felt the cold wind of winter that was gently blowing against his skin as finally after a rush, he stopped right in front of the cafe shop and he took a deep breath before going inside.
            “I really hope he didn’t leave this place yet.” He said alone as he pushed on the cafe door and walked inside. He saw many people were talking with each other as they were enjoying their dinner with each other, and he did not see Sakurai anywhere. Aiba furrowed his eyebrow,  “Maybe I’m a little bit late,” he said alone and with a sighed, he wanted to walk away from there, but before he could take another step ahead, he felt someone touched his shoulder from behind his back. How he felt his heart had a sudden shock as he turned around and looked at who it was and he saw Sakurai was smiling to him.
            “You think that I would leave you behind don’t you?” Sakurai asked him. Aiba had a small laugh when he looked away from Sakurai’s gaze towards him, “I thought that I am late!” he said to Sakurai but Sakurai shakes his head, “Nah, It’s not easy to have a night out with you anyway!” he replied Aiba who still seems to be gasping for air. Sakurai light patted behind Aiba’s back as he lead him the way towards the table that he had ordered all the food for the two of them to enjoy the whole night.
            Aiba smiled to Sakurai as how he was delighted that this man understands him so well. His girlfriend was out from Japan for a couple of days regarding her work, and he thought that he couldn’t survive a life without her, but with a friend like this man, he think that he could bear his life alone for a while without her. “Come, let’s get you settle!” Sakurai said to Aiba. Aiba nodded his head, “Alright,” he said to Sakurai with a decent smile across his face.
            The two of them sat at the table at the back of the cafe, when one of the female waiter went to their table and sent the food that Sakurai had ordered earlier. Sakurai knows that how Aiba enjoy his time to go and eat some nice grill food, so he decided to take him there. Sakurai than the waitress with a smile on his face, he turned his glace to Aiba that was certainly enjoying the scent of those food that was grilling on the hot pan in front of them. Sakurai had a small laughed when he lightly punch on Aiba’s shoulder, “Don’t worry, man! You will eat it soon!” he said to Aiba.

            After a while the two of them enjoying their dinner with each other, Sakurai suddenly mention something to him. Sakurai looked at Aiba continuously, “Ninomiya did asked me regarding Matsumoto earlier. Did you know about that?” Sakurai asked Aiba straight. Aiba almost wedged with what he was chewing in his mouth when he heard Sakurai asked him that. Sakurai raised his eyebrow when Aiba was reaching for his water and had a gulp of water. Aiba tries to calm himself down for a while before he had a big laugh regarding Sakurai’s question. Sakurai furrowed his eyebrow, “Are you okay?” he asked Aiba when Aiba only nodded his head, “Don’t worry about me!” he replied. He smiled to Sho slyly when he took another bite of the food that he was eating.
            “Well, that is why I am here,” he replied to Sakurai. He furrowed his eyebrow when he doesn’t understand what Aiba had said to him. “I don’t get you...” he said to Aiba. Aiba took a sip of his juice when he smiled to Sakurai, but he didn’t look at his direction. He took the fish flakes as he puts it on the Okonomiyaki that he was eating. He widens his eyes slightly when finally after garnishing his food, he turned his turned his gaze towards Sakurai that was peering at his face reaction. Aiba was sure that Sakurai didn’t understand with what he had said to him.
            “I told him to get Matsumoto Jun on his own, since I have some personal reason to be somewhere,” he said to Sakurai. Sakurai widens his eyes when he knows that Ninomiya isn’t that time of person who would be able to handle a man like Matsumoto. He was assigned with Matsumoto before and he knows how pain in the ass that man could become. His jaw fell down, “Are you kidding me?!” he asked Aiba when Aiba only shakes his head from side to side, “Nope. Why would I want to lie to you?” he asked Sakurai.Sakurai was startled for a short time, but after a while of him thinking alone, he asked Aiba easily, “Do you think he can handle that kind of person?” he wondered, but Aiba didn’t bother at all.
            “Well, I know that he is the son of the CEO of that company, but he have to work hard to be who he wanted to become. Family position doesn’t mean anything if at the end, you know nothing,” he said to Sakurai. He bites his lips lightly when his mind was playing around with his thought. What Aiba had said do make sense, but he seriously wasn’t sure if Ninomiya can do it without him losing his temper first before Matsumoto did. Sakurai raised both side of his eyebrow and wonder if it could be the end of the world...
            Sakurai laughed once again, “I hope it won’t be the end of their life,” he said to Aiba. Aiba laughed when he looked at Sakurai, “Let’s pray that he can get Matsumoto in his hand,” he said to Sakurai. But without them even noticing anything, there was a man that was looking at them from afar and was writing something on the book that was opened on his table. He turneis glance towards those two men when he only nodded his head.
            ‘Let’s just hope for the best,’ he said in his heart when he continue to draw those two man that that seems to captivate him there...

            Aiba smiled alone in his room when he think about last night. “Let you be the best you can be, Ninomiya kun!” he said alone as at the end, he decided to take a good rest before another day would come ahead in his life.


            Matsumoto looked at Ninomiya that was standing in front of him. He bite the inner part of his lips when his mind started to wonder if a person that come from an event management company would could come to people’s house and dressed up like this? Should he be more casual rather than trying to impressed whoever it was he met? Or it could be his way of approaching to people... Matsumoto rubbed his eyes with his fingers as he tries to be decent to this man. He turned his gaze around when he looked at his living room hall that was slightly messy with a few bottles of water that is finished and opened on the table.
            He was doubtful about inviting this person inside his house, but where else would be a proper place for this Ninomiya to talk, and him to refuse? He doesn’t want his fans or people to know how he can be misconduct sometimes. Matsumoto inhaled a deep breath when he looked at this man holding his leather bag in hand. He felt slightly funny when he was about to communicate regarding himself with this kind of person. Usually it was his manager’s duty but he guess that his man wanted to  try his luck with him himself. By looking at him in front of his face, the heart that was pounding before seems to lessen slightly. Matsumoto furrowed his eyebrow and raised it one side after sometimes thinking alone.
            The two of the fell silent when they were looking with each other and Ninomiya doesn’t seems comfortable at all staring at this man in front of his face... ‘Damn, can I just go away?!’ he said in his heart but he wanted to prove to himself that he can do this on his own without anyone’s help. He gripped his hand that was holding the bag as he was trying to calm himself down. He looked at Matsumoto that was messing up his hair with his hand. The clock was already twenty five minutes passed one in the evening and it seems like this man just woke up from his sleep. He raised his eyebrow as he wondered if almost all super star behaved like this man in front of him.
            Matsumoto doesn’t look at him as he was looking at his own house. Ninomiya took a glimpse of what was inside. It seems like the rack in his house are only full of the trophy that he had ever won, but apart from that, his house is a mess for a person who lived alone. Ninomiya furrowed his eyebrow, ‘That is for some guy...’ he said in his heart as at the same time, Matsumoto turned around and look at him, “Just come inside,” he heard Matsumoto said to him. Ninomiya nodded his head, he inhaled his breath before he responds to him, “Thank you,” he replied Matsumoto as he walked inside the room. He took of the shoes that he was wearing at the side of the door and walked inside towards his living room hall. He looked at Matsumoto grabbing those bottles and threw it in a dustbin nearby the bar counter in his house. Ninomiya looked around inside this so call elite artist home, and it seems like everything is just the same like the others. Perhaps there are something that other people don’t have, but most of it are just the same.
            Matsumoto pointed towards the empty seat nearby where Ninomiya was standing and he looked at him, “Oh well, you can have a seat if you want too,” he said to Ninomiya sarcastically. Ninomiya turned around and looked at the leather couch inside the house. He nodded his head as he sat on the chair, “Thank you very much,” he said to Matsumoto and he put the bag he was holding next to him. He looked at Matsumoto who was walking away towards the kitchen of his house. He took a glimpse at Matsumoto and wondered how this person can live on his own, but he guess that a stoic man like this guy, he surely can survive. Matsumoto looked at Ninomiya, “Will orange juice be okay with you?” he asked Ninomiya a straight forward question.
            Ninomiya only nodded his head, “Yeah. That will do.” He replied Matsumoto once again. He heard the man was humming when he went into his kitchen at the other side of his house and Ninomiya felt his heart ache somehow when he looked at how absurd this man behaviour. He sighed as he tries to forget about what irritates him with that man. “Should not think about the person like this,” he said to himself as he reached out for his bag and took out the document that he was there for.
            Maybe Aiba did mention to him that it would be a great task for him to convince this man to come to the event, but after a while of him thinking on his own, perhaps it would be better if this Matsumoto Jun didn’t even come to the event and he could find some other guest to go to the event tomorrow night. It won’t be that long show anyway, but it seems like the Prime Mall had given a really high rate to get this man. Ninomiya lifted his shoulder once again and sighed, he turned his gaze towards the size when he notice there was a photograph of him and a beautiful young lady, embraced upon each other  with beautiful smiles on their face. Ninomiya reached out for the frame and looked at it.
            “It is such a luck you got a man like him...” he said silently as he put the picture back down. He would have guess that it was his girlfriend as their couple t-shirt seems to be a match. He put the document on the table as at the same time, he heard Matsumoto’s footsteps were heading towards the living room hall once again. Ninomiya turned his gaze towards Matsumoto as his mind too were drifting away with too much thought. He felt his heart was palpitating slightly swift as Matsumoto was approaching him near. Ninomiya closed his eyes when he heard Matsumoto putting the glass down on the table.
            ‘Here goes nothing...’ he said in his heart as Matsumoto sat close to him and took a sip of his drink. He opened his eyes and looked at Matsumoto, “So, what’s up?” Matsumoto asked him. Ninomiya inhaled a deep breath before he wanted to speak to this man. He really hope that he would have the guts to even finish a conversation with this person, but he was worried if he got off balance if the condition gets deeper in between those two... But, Aiba did challenge him to get this man in his hand, and he will do his best. ‘Here goes nothing.’ He said in his heart.
            Ninomiya grabbed the document that he had place on the table earlier and he looked at Matsumoto once again. Matsumoto looked at Ninomiya inquisitively and he already know what was in his mind. Matsumoto smiled slyly as he took another sip of his juice, ‘We will see how this arguement will goes,’ he said in his heart. Ninomiya looked at Matsumoto statically.
            “It is regarding the guest artist at the Prime Mall anniversary tomorrow night,” Ninomiya finally said to him. Matsumoto smiled when he already guess that it was the reason he was there. Matsumoto grabbed the document that Ninomiya had given to him. Ninomiya did said something to him, but it seems like he didn’t care, but he knows that he was still resisting the pain that he felt in his heart, but he still have to be strong facing whoever this man was.
            He flipped the paper that he was holding in his hand, “Tomorrow night huh?” he asked Ninomiya. Ninomiya looked at Matsumoto with less emotion fiddling in his heart, he only nodded his head, “Yes,” he answered Matsumoto.
            He looked at the man still flipping through the document he was holding in his hand. Matsumoto was humming as he was reading everything that was written inside there. The face reaction was giving him a mind blowing sentiment that he couldn’t even explain to himself. Ninomiya was holding himself strong as somehow he felt in his heart, how he wanted to execute this guy from the entertainment world. Ninomiya gripped his fist tighter when he looked at Matsumoto, ‘You got to keep calm and see how things goes with all of this,’ he said in his heart as somehow from his face reaction, he knew that Matsumoto would disagree about going to the event.

            After sometime had passed, Ninomiya took a sip of the orange juice that Matsumoto had given to him a while ago. It played in his mind that if this person doesn’t want to go, won’t it be easy if he just say no instead of wasting his time from being there. They didn’t talk with each other, only Matsumoto was still reading the paper in his hand. Ninomiya sealed his eyes for a short time as he felt like it has been almost thirty minutes of him being inside this man’s house and it didn’t actually go anywhere.
            Ninomiya gripped his fist once again as he felt like he wanted to speak, but it would be rude for him to do so when a person was still reading what was on the letter, but he has to change the topic somehow. The two of them being silent with each other was disturbing his heart somehow and how he wanted just to go away from there, but he knows that he have to stay. Ninomiya Kazunari isn’t the type of person who would simply back away for an opportunity, but he would fight for what he actually came there for.
            He looked at Matsumoto as he was about to speak as the silent that was occurring was triggering his endless heart that was beating, Ninomiya inhaled a deep breath as he had made up his mind to break the silent, but before he could even opened his mouth, Matsumoto turned around and looked at Ninomiya with a serious gaze but slowly exchanges to sly smile on his face. Ninomiya somehow felt his heart stopped beating for a short time as he returned Matsumoto’s gaze redundantly.
            “I will be going there,” he said to Ninomiya. Ninomiya’s jaw fell opened as he was startled with the answers that he just heard from Matsumoto. His mind started to duelled against each other once again as he wondered if this man was for real. Ninomiya raised his eyebrow, “Are you sure about this?” he asked Matsumoto, but Matsumoto only smiled to Ninomiya.
            “It did come from my mouth that I will be going right?” he asked to Ninomiya. Ninomiya nodded his head when Matsumoto reached out for the pen and scribbled down his signature on the paper. Ninomiya still looked at this man unexpectedly, ‘We will see how thing will go...’ he said when Matsumoto looked at him once again with a sly smile on his face.
            Ninomiya took the proposal document and kept it inside his bag. He didn’t expect that it could be this easy, and he was certain that if things would could this easy surely it would be a darn mess later... but he wasn’t sure. He looked at Matsumoto, “Thank you very much,” he said to Matsumoto firmly.


            After he had finished the drink that was served to him, Ninomiya finally asked for his leave. Matsumoto walked next to him towards his front door and looked at Ninomiya resentfully, “Well, thank you for taking your time to come and visit me at my house,” he said to Ninomiya as he offered his hand for a hand shake before Ninomiya left his home sweet home. Ninomiya looked at Matsumoto as they exchanged glances with each other. Ninomiya accepted his hand as he bow down to pay respect to even have him there.
            “I thank you too for taking a little bit time for this matter,” he said to Matsumoto. Matsumoto only smile to him, “Don’t worry. I will see you soon,” he said to Ninomiya statically. Ninomiya only bows his head before he took his leave and Matsumoto slowly closed his front door. He leaned back against the door as at the same time, Ninomiya did the same too behind his back. Matsumoto gripped his fist tight when he was thinking about something else but not the event tomorrow night. When he first time see that Ninomiya in front of his face, he knew that there is something else that concern him more than what was going to happen tomorrow. Matsumoto sealed his eyes shut when he remembered the old man had said to him that he has to find someone else apart from him... but even he was unsure about it...
            The two of them inhaled a deep breath as they felt their heart palpitates worse than it was before. Their mind was playing the same thing at the same time... Matsumoto opened his eyes once again...
            ‘Could he be the one...?’ he wondered in his heart, but still the darkest side in his heart was still shielding away the light that was slightly giving way for him to think once again.

(c) Scarlet Storm 2015 

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Arashi Fanfic : Redundant 02

            He furrowed his eyes when he looked at the number that was calling him was
unknown in his phone, “Who would be calling me?” he wondered alone. The ringing tone and the vibration of it kept on playing with the phone that he was holding in his hand. He felt in his heart pound as he knows that he doesn’t want to pick it up, but somehow he was slightly doubtful if it could be something that was important. He bites his lips lightly, “If it is you, Mr Hiyoshi, I would kill you,” he said as he thought about his manager. He did promise him that he won’t disturb him for the rest of the weekend, but who would care. Matsumoto sighed as he pressed the answer button, “Hello.” he said in a mid tempo tone. He wasn’t happy at all but he guess ths is an exceptional matters.
            “Hello there. Can I speak with Mr. Matsumoto?” he heard the voice that come from the other side speak to him. He sealed his eyes shut as the night was getting deeper, “Yes. What is it?” he replied. The person on the other side smiled slightly. “I am Ninomiya Kazunari from Tokyo Dailylife and I wanted to ask you regarding the proposal of the Prime Mall Anniversary.” he heard the man speak to him.  Matsumoto furrowed his eyebrow. He thought that Mr. Hiyoshi already told them that he doesn’t want to attend that event. Did he even did that he had said to him earlier?! He gripped his first tight, ‘I thought I already say no...’ he said in his heart.
            He was silent for a short time, when he heard the sound of those voices started to speak in his mind again and tormented his heart. ‘Argh! There it goes again!’ he grumbled alone and the person on the other side kept on calling for him. “Hello, Mr. Matsumoto?” the man on the other side said. Matsumoto adjust his position on the couch that he was sitting on as he grabbeb a bottle of plain water on his table and took a sip of it after he opened it. He gulped the water down when he was trying to listen to what the man was talking to him. Matsumoto placed   the bottle down on the table as he leaned back on the couch behind him and nodded his head, “Yeah, this is Matsumoto speaking, and who this is?” he said directly to that person. The person at the other side raised his eyebrow when he listens to what Matsumoto said to him. ‘Damn this guy is pretty rude for a super star.’ he said in his heart.
            He cleared his throat, “Hello, Mr. Matsumoto. I am Ninomiya Kazunari, from Tokyo Daily Life,” he heard the man speak. Matsumoto sighed when he heard the company’s name as at the same time too he could still hear the voices that were disturbing his ear. Matsumoto rolled his eyes, ‘And I thought I already told you to reject these people!’ he grumbled alone in his heart. Matsumoto inhaled a deep breath, grabbing the bottle once again when he took another sip of water. He sighed, “Oh, so what do you want calling me? How did you get my number?” he asked the man straight.
            Ninomiya raised his eyebrow up, ‘Okay. This guy is seriously rude!’ he said in his heart when he heard the tone that was used to him. He wouldn’r be surprise when he got that sort of response from an artist that was on top of the list in Japan at that time. Perhaps he would think that he is the greatest one and everyone else have to obey with what he had said to them. Ninomiya furrowed his eyebrow, ‘I don’t think so that is going to happen on my side...’ he said in his heart when he heard the sound of Matsumoto breathing on the other side. Ninomiya inhaled a deep breath as he leaned back on the couch ht was sitting on before he answer the question that Matsumoto asked him. He smiled slyly.
            “I have my source and I wanted to ask you regarding something,” Ninomiya said to him. Matsumoto rolled his eyes when he took another sip of water before he pays any attention to the phone call he was on. He bite the inner part of his lips, “What is it that you want from me?” he asked Ninomiya and without any hesitation, Ninomiya answered him, “It is regarding the empty proposal for the Prime Mall Anniversary guest artist invitation. Matsumoto heard his question loud and clear but he acts like he didn’t even hear anything at all...
            ‘And I thought I already returned back your proposal unsigned... Was there even anymore question you should be asking me?!’ he said in his heart. Matsumoto sat up straight and answered whoever it was on the line with him mockingly, “Oh. That event.” He said as if he doesn’t know, but he was laughing in his heart with the echoes of people that started to groaned in pain, and whispered to him about their redundant life. Matsumoto inhaled a deep breath as he wondered why he can’t even hear anything good apart from people complaining only. He rolled his eyes as he leaned back once again and feel like he wanted to go to bed. He grabbed the television remote close to him and turned on the television once again as he wanted to  remind whoever it was on the other side that he was busy and not interested in going for the stupid anniversary.
            Ninomiya furrowed his eyebrow when he heard the sound of Matsumoto’s breathing, ‘I don’t care what the hell you are going to tell me. I would still question this issue to you,’ he said in his heart when he was ready to hear his answer. He still won’t give up. Matsumoto snorted a small laughter lightly; Matsumoto changed the television channel when he saw himself performing on the morning show earlier that day, “Oh that matter.” He replied Ninomiya not with an answer that he wanted to hear. Ninomiya nodded his head and spoken, “Yes... It is regar...” but before he could even finished what he wanted to say, Matsumoto cuts him off, “I’m not interested in attending that event.” He replied Ninomiya and it was the end of his answer. Matsumoto gritted his teeth as he only felt like he wanted to go and rest and enjoyed his day off for a few days.
            His mouth fell when he heard Matsumoto’s answer. He gripped his fist that was holding the edge of the proposal letter in his hand. He read the heading of the letter that said that the performance was for the public viewers and also a donation for those homeless kids of Japan, don’t this man have a heart to be doing some charity apart from only care about himself? Fans would be paying their tickets to go and see his performance in that crowded place, and he was sure that this Matsumoto Jun guy would be getting a full reservation for his performance anyway.  Ninomiya inhaled a deep breath before he sighed to ease himself down. He doesn’t want to get infuriated with such ridiculous thing. Ninomiya cleared his throat. “Pardon me?” he asked Matsumoto.
            Matsumoto was playing around with his fingers that was pressing on the next channel button on his remote as the sound that came from his television were disturbing Ninomiya’s thought. It seems like this man really doesn’t bother about anything else apart from himself and how he felt his heart was raging furiously with his behaviour. Matsumoto smiled on his own when he looked at something ridiculous on the television, “I told you, I’m not attending that stupid event,” he said to Ninomiya with an intention in his heart so that this man or anybody from his kind would disturb him anymore. Ninomiya raised his eyebrow and now he understand how it was hard for Miyoko to convince this man to even do something good. Perhaps his heart was cold enough he couldn’t even bother about anything else apart from himself. Ninomiya’s eyes were darting around his empty office as he was still there even though everybody had left that place for almost four hours ago. Ninomiya bite his lips slightly, ‘I still couldn’t give up. It is for those kids...’ he reminded himself when he recalled back he visited those kids previously before he even agree to handle this event.
            “Don’t you even care for those homeless children, Mr. Matsumoto?” he asked him directly, but Matsumoto only rolled his eyes, “I’m sorry, whoever you are,” Matsumoto said, but Ninomiya cuts in, “The name is Ninomiya,” he reminded Matsumoto once again, when Matsumoto chuckled lightly as he changes his gesture on the couch and turned off the television at the end as there isn’t anything interesting to be watching that night. He yawned as he pushed himself up, and how it disgraced Ninomiya to hear him do that when he was on a conversation with somebody.
            “Okay, Mr. Ninomiya. I have my reason for not accepting this. So if you would excuse me, I would like to hung up and take some rest.” He said to Ninomiya. Ninomiya’s jaw fell down as he wasn’t expecting those answer came out from this man’s mouth. “But Mr. Matsumoto..” he wanted to speak but like always, Matsumoto doesn’t care at all, “Take care. Maybe if you still want to discuss about this, you could come and meet me  face to face tomorrow at my apartment if this event seems to be too important for you...” he said to Ninomiya sarcastically. He ran his fingers through his hair as he was making his way to his bedroom and sighed when he heard Ninomiya doesn’t seems to be at ease on the other side. Matsumoto only smiled sarcastically.
            “Oh yeah. The address would be 1, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo. Number 1309 would be the mine,” he said to Ninomiya and without any hesitation, “Goodbye,” he wished him so long and hung up the phone. Matsumoto groaned as the sound that he could hear in his head was disturbing his mind as well, “Can’t you just shut up and let me sleep for crying out loud?!” he groaned so hard, he put his phone down on the table. Matsumoto undo the jeans he was wearing and took off the t-shirt that he wore earlier for his work and walked towards the bathroom inside his bedroom. He grabbed on the towel that was hung behind his bedroom door and went inside the bathroom. He sighed, “I need to take a bath before my brain finally explode at the end!” he said to himself as he turned on the shower without even closing the bathroom door and took his bath. “I wouldn’t care whoever you are, Mr. Ninomiya. But I still won’t change my mind about this,” he said to himself.


            Ninomiya looked at the proposal paper in front of him and how he felt his heart triggers and he wanted to tear those pages apart. He frowned when he recalled back the rude behaviour of that  so call super star towards him. How could he even accept if people wanted to reject his friendly propose in that sort of way. Ninomiya gripped his fist tighter, “How could I ever accept that!” he said harshly, at the same time banged his hand on the proposal paper as he was infuriated already.
            He turned his gaze towards the clock on his wall when he notice that the time was twenty minutes to ten at night and he is still at his working place. He should be going home and rest instead of trying to negotiate with that kind of jerk. He looked at the event pamphlet on his table and sighed. He knows how many dying fans of that guy is excited to be waiting for him in two more days, and he already said no so soon. Ninomiya sighed slightly when he thought that it could be that Matsumoto Jun ‘sama’ would be busy, but from the source that he have, his schedule would be empty on that weekend. The event won’t take that long to attend. Perhaps only two or three songs, then he could just go home and sleep all day long.
            “You better not be wrong this time, Sakurai,” he said alone when he grabbed his bag at the side of his table and stood up from there. The only source he have in this entertainment business, Sakurai Sho, was never wrong about anything that he would predict to happened in between his agencies and those stardom. Sometimes he don’t understand how can certain people can manage to handle themselves in this sort of business, because he was sure if it was him, it would blew his brains out without any reason.
            His self silent sometimes it don’t really doesn’t mean anything, because he would spend his time to look and understand on certain matters instead of going straight ahead with everything in first hand. Investigation, research and team work always matters with him, because if there isn’t any of that, he don’t think that his agency would even worked out. It is now that he wanted to be a reporter, but you always got to find something to get something back in return. Him and his partner, Aiba Masaki always duel on certain things but, he guess that was for a good reason.
            At first he doesn’t want to get involved with this arrogant super star, Matsumoto Jun, but Aiba did mention to him, if he doesn’t try, how would he know he would reject you in the first place? And if their agency would manage to get him in hand for this Prime Mall Anniversary, won’t it make other people wanted to hire them for a heavy duty task? Ninomiya snorted laughter when he thought about that.
            “Who would know that if you manage to get this guy, it would be your destiny to be right beside him forever!” Aiba said that to him. It did made him laugh since it would be beyong his limit to be thinking more than that. Sure that he had just broken up with his girlfriend, but it won’t change who is actually is in real life. He grabbed the small note that he had written down his address on and read it out, “Room number 1309 belong to him...” he said and wondered if that room is haunted as the man who lived in side the room is a terrible person anyway, but he wanted to forget about that and wait until it is tomorrow. He looked up the ceiling inside his room and thought that if he didn’t manage or not wanting to even get this man, he could just give in the excuse and asked if it was possible for the Prime Mall management to accept if he can manage to get some other star, but... he guess he won’t give up that easy.
            “Whatever you say is right, Mr. Aiba Masaki.” he said lightly and remembered also that after he agreed to take on this duty, Aiba Masaki was asked to go to Sapporo for some personal matters and he was left there doing this mission on his own. Ninomiya inhaled a deep breath, “I will kill you, Aiba if what you said this time is wrong.” He said alone when he walked away from his room. His footsteps were echoing around the flooring of an empty room. All the light outside has been shut down earlier  inside his room, he knows he won’t come out from there until his work is done, but he guess his work has to be finished by tomorrow...
            “I guess some matters have to take an extra time,” he said, opening the front door of his office and walked out from there. The weather outside were giving him chills right behind his spine but he doesn’t care anymore. He gripped the note that he was holding in his hand with Matsumoto’s address and put it inside his pocket. But he guesses that his address was too simple for him to remember. He lifted his shoulder up and walked away from there.


            It was the next day as the sun that was once before fades away from the darkest sky of light has came up arise once more. The living creature that lived together with the human kind started their life earlier than those people that wasted their time being hung over with too much depression and also still busy with their work even though it was pretty late at night. The white peagons were dancing around the empty garden that the water fountain were falling down close to it. The whole flock of it flown away when there were two little kids were running around towards their direction and played with each other. Those two boys were throwing their ball they had in their hand and filled their day with laughter. Almost everyone has started their life once again even though that day not many of them are working but some people were still in a dream and doesn’t wanted to be awaken yet.

            He grumbled lightly as he felt how his body ache as he had slept in a wrong position last night... “Argh!” he groaned as he felt one side of his leg cramped out from changing the position too soon. He groaned as slowly he adjust his posture on the bed. He pulled his grey blanket to cover his face as he doesn’t feel like waking up yet at that time. He inhaled a deep breath as he turned to the side and looked at his phone that was hidden underneath his pillow and see that the small light was blinking to tell him something was there and he didn’t notice them. He inhaled a deep breath and he was hoping that it was nothing work related at all.
            “I did tell them not to disturb me while I am on my day off...” he grumbled alone as he unlocked his mobile phone and looked at what was the latest updates inside. He furrowed his eyebrow, apart from the Facebook notifications, he opened one when he looked at this girl that he don’t really know sent him a message and asked him too many question and he doesn’t even feel like answering her back. “Who are you? Why are you here? Is there even any reason you are disturbing her?” he read her question and laughed so hard. Perhaps there was a reason why his company doesn’t allow him to have this account, but he doesn’t care about any of it.
            “Why should I bother about you anyway,” he groaned alone when he put his mobile phone to the side when he didn’t actually get anything that seems important for him. He sighed alone but the bright sun light was shining directly towards his eye sight and caused him not be able to see anything for a short time. “Argh!” he groaned once again when he turned around to the other side and how he wanted to continue his sleep, but doesn’t know if there could be any emergency later, but should he ven bother about that?
            He did fell asleep around four in the morning, the regular time for him to even started his dream, and the whole night of him thinking alone, and doing nothing somehow made him depressed and he started to waste his time and money to be drinking all alone. He looked at the beer cans that wasn’t arrange properly at the coffee table next to the couch inside his room, he inhaled a deep breath as it was the only way for him to go to sleep. With a terrible headache from drinking too much, his brain wasn’t able to think about anything anymore. Scolding himself for the mistake that he had done, the regrets that he felt in his heart, he wondered if he should even waste his time to look for the other one that was said to him from the un known man.
            Matsumoto raised one side of his hands up and rubbed both side of his eyes with it, “I should not be thinking about what that old faggot had said to me!” he said as his hand was was grabbing on the blue sheeted pillow he was holding in his hand and threw it at the other side of his room. He sealed his eyes shut but heard the sound of the cans that was on his coffee table scrambled down on the floor, He opened his eyes and pushed his blanket to the side slightly and looked at the ashtray on the table that seemed to be at the very edge of it. If it was a little harder pushed, he know that that glass ashtray would fall down and shattered on the ground.
            “What the hell,” he grumbled again, pulling the blanket once again and covered his face. He inhaled a deep breath as he felt like he wanted to go to sleep, but suddenly how he felt his heart were pounding so hard, he couldn’t resist the pain that he felt striking through his chest. Matsumoto sealed his eyes, “What?! Argh!” he grumbled alone as his body that before were in a proper position had curved down as he was trying so hard to resist the pain that he felt in his heart. He felt the tears that were hidden behind his eyes started to form, and he was trying to hard not letting it falls down. “What is happening to me?!” he groaned as he heard the loud sound of footsteps were walking towards his way. He pushed himself as he lay flat once again on the bed, putting the pillow next to his side and covered his face. He knows that this isn’t something right because he knows that those voices that always disturbs him only com e at night. He felt his heart shudders and triggers as he wondered if it was the end of his life already.
            Was he even prepared for all of this to come? But he did remind himself that death and what will happen next are something that is unpredictable., or else Princess Diana would know that she would die that day and remind herself not to go anyway apart from only sitting inside her room and sleep... Instead of going ouit for an endless romance.
            Matsumoto felt like his heart was palpitating harder as the time continue to ticks and changes its emotion as each second had passed. He wasn’t denying anything anymore that fhe felt in his heart. How the ermendous emotion that was hidden in his heart has seemed to be exploded, he doen’t know if he even bear resisting this anymore. “I got to get out from here!” he grumbled so hard as he pushed the blanket that was covering his face and tries to stand up, but instead of standing together, he fell down on the ground as he couldn’t hold himself anymore. His heart that was aching seems to be boiling in a rapid sensation as the footsteps that he heard before was approaching much closer to him.
            he felt like he was about to go deaf. He tries to hard to push himself up and after so hard trying, he manage to stand up in front of the mirror inside his room. He turned his gaze to the side and looked at himself that was sweating terribly on a slightly cold afternoon.\He raised one side of his hand up and wiped the sweat that was falling down as he felt like it was the end of his life. He inhaled a deep breath as he tries to approach towards the mirror but instead of standing up in front of it, he leaned against it as he couldn’t manage to stand properly anymore.
            He looked at his own reflection on the mirror that he was leaning against, “What is happening to me?” he wondered alone. He tries to make his way towards his bathroom next to the mirror, but before he could even make a move, he heard the sound of someone knocking on the door. Matsumoto sealed his eyes spontaneously as the sound was too loud for him to even hear, and he felt both side of his legs triggers and he fell down on the ground once again.
            “What?!” he screamed alone in his room as the sound of someone knocking on the door continues. He tries to breathe in some air as he felt like he was suffocating somehow... The tears that were hidden behind his eyes finally at the end fell down from his soft brown eyes as the pain that he had been holding on for too long made him fall short at the end. His heart beat continue to increase when suddenly e heard someone was calling for his name...
            “Mr. Matsumoto!| the sound echoes in his mind as the knocking was running along with it. He opened his eyes once again.. He looked at his bedroom door and wondered if it was the person that he had given his address to come and meet him yesterday outside of his house... He furrowed his eyebrow as he felt reluctant that this actually happened to him. Was the curse getting worse on him since he could never hear anything before during the day light and he could listen to it right now?!  
            He felt his body triggers as he tries to pushed himself up once again, “Wait!” he shouted to tell whoever it was outside his house. He manages to stand once again and leaned agaist the wall one more time to help him to make his move towards the front hall... He grabbed on a t-shirt that he had worn yesterday that was hung on the chair when he was making his way towards the front hall... He wondered who it would be outside his house. Could it be something with his work related or could it be with his own private life? He had never felt like this before...
            “I really hope it is not because of you...” he said to himself as he was making his way towards the front door.

(c) Scarlet Storm 2015