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Arashi FanFic : Redundant 12

            Aiba felt the weight on Ohno’s body seems to be slightly heavier even though he knew that Ohno was melting down. Aiba furrowed his eyebrow as he wondered what was actually going on, but he doesn’t want to let his mind drifted to somewhere else as he was in a battle with a man that thought that he could earn everything in the world. Ohno was grumbling harder when he felt Aiba was strangling him harder, “Argh! Is that the best you can do?!” Ohno asked Aiba in an agonized tone. Ohno was infuriated with another man was trying to take his life away when it was supposed to be him that was killing everybody.
            He sealed his eyes shut when he remembers one time ago, somebody did mention to him regarding on somebody that would have a strong energy to absorb both of the heat that was heating up and the water from the ice that was melting down. He gritted his teeth against each other as his only intention was only to take somebody that was precious to another person that he had held a strong revenge against, not to make another one of their kind, but he knew the steam were much stronger since he held both power in his hand.
            “Are you thinking of taking my life away?!” he asked Aiba exasperatedly. Ohno tries to move away but he knew that Aiba was much stronger than he expected him to be. Aiba furrowed his eyebrow as he was gripping his hand that was holding Ohno up from the ground he was standing on; he gripped his harder than it was before. Aiba looked at Ohno in full of vengeance suddenly, “No! There is no way I’m breaking you free!” he said to Ohno furiously. Ohno reached his hand out and tries to pulled Aiba’s hand away from his throat but the steam that Aiba was giving to him was worse than he expected.
            “No!” Ohno groaned as he was struggling so hard to break free. He felt the steam that was boiling up within himself and the heat from it that was melting him away was getting worse than before. Ohno sealed his eyes shut as he couldn’t bear the pain anymore! “Argh!!!” Ohno screamed with all his heart, as he wasn’t sure how long he could last with all of the pain that he felt in himself anymore… Aiba looked at how Ohno was thrash about his life was getting worse than it was before, but unexpectedly, Ohno felt another heat that came from right behind his back as it was melting him down furiously.
            Ohno opened his eyes once again when he turned around to see if there was any other presence that he didn’t notice coming his way and how he was at his shock when he thought that he already took his life away. Ohno’s jaw dropped down open, “You,,,!” he said, but his voice was melted away from the heat that Aiba was giving to him. Aiba was confused for sometime when he look at Ohno that couldn’t control himself anymore. He wondered why the weight of Ohno has gained in a vivid time. Aiba wanted to ask why, but he wasn’t sure if that was the question he should be bothered about. He felt a strong wind came from the other side from where he was standing and he couldn’t really see anything else anymore right behind Ohno’s back, He could only hear Ohno was pleasding for help for him to be released, Aiba felt slightly in his heart pity, but it seems like even this man doesn’t have any pity to whoever that he was trying to do all of this.
            Aiba shakes his head from side to side, “No way. There are no chance of you going to be breaking free,,,” he said to Ohno. Ohno sealed his eyes shut when he felt the pain that was overpowering his life was taking control of his false life. Aiba looked at how the water continue to dripped down on from Ohno’s body but he felt like it wasn’t his only doing… Aiba furrowed his eyebrow, ‘Could it be just me?’ he wondered in his heart when suddenly, the heat that he felt that was coming from Ohno was increasing.
            “Argh!!!” Ohno screamed so hard as he couldn’t bear it anymore. Aiba gripped his fist tighter as he was strangling on Ohno’s throat, but without him noticing anything else, he saw a shadow that appeared right behind Ohno’s back. Aiba tries to look at who it was and how he was surprised to see him standing up once again. Aiba’s jaw dropped down.
            “There won’t be a second chance…”  Aiba heard someone said behind Ohno’s back as he felt the force that was fighting against Ohno was getting stronger. Aiba raised his eyebrow when he felt the water that was dripping down from Ohno’s body was continuously at that time. ‘What is happening?’ he wondered in his heart when he looked to the side, as he was still holding Ohno in his hand and gripping his throat thighter than he did earlier. And finally after a hard time trying to guess, he saw whoever it was that was heating up Ohno from behind his back. Aiba looked at that man smiled to him.
            “Hello, friend,” the shadow said to Aiba without him expecting anything. Aiba felt his heart race at that time when all he could do was just smile, “Hello, friend!” he said to the shadow that just greeted him with a radiant smile curved across his lips. The shadow returned his smile gracefully. He never thought that Aiba has become whoever he already is right then, and he knew that Aiba was a lucky person in need to have all of it in just one hand, but even though he was too delighted over certain things, he could felt that Ono that was holding in his hand was trying too hard to push himself away. “Just let me go!” Ohno screamed infuriately.
            Aiba began to be losing his control over gripping Ohno’s in his hand as it seems like Ohno was trying to regain his strength back from them. The shadow looked at Aiba that seems to be trembling apart at that time. “Argh!” Aiba screamed so hard as at the end, Aiba did fell down on the ground behind him with the strong force that Ohno have left in himself. Ohno thought that he was able to go away from there, but before he could even move away, the shadow manage to grabbed on Ohno’s shoulder from behind his back and made him turned around to face him.
            “I guess this would be the last goodbye, Ohno Satoshi,” he said to Ohno furiously, when Ohno that felt annoyed with what was going on in between them, he spit directly on the shadows face, full of disgrace, “If this is our last goodbye, why not make it the end of me and you…” he said to him sharply. Aiba turned his gaze to his side when he looked at that man was sweating continuously and Ohno was melting at the same time. The shadow wiped away the saliva that Ohno had spit on his face and wiped it away on Ohno’s t-shirt in return, “No, Ohno. It is only going to be you,” he said to Ohno statically. Ohno furrowed his eyebrow when he couldn’t believe with what he just heard from the man that was standing in front of him. How he looked at Ohno full of mischief, and with his relanted heart, he wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to do. But with all of the greed and needs that has been building up in his man’s cold heart, he doesn’t want this redundant thing to kept on continuing in the future time. He doesn’t want anymore another life of an unknown somebody be an end just because of what he needs.
            He gripped on Ohno’s throat as at the same time, he looked at Aiba’s direction sharply. He looked at Aiba and think on his own, ‘You are still a careless child, Aiba Masaki,’ when he looked at Aiba was trying to stand up from him had fallen down earlier. He snorted a short laughter and he knew that it would take Aiba sometime to adapt with the power that he has at that time, and he was certain that Aiba won’t be a man that he didn’t expect him to be. He inhaled a deep breath, before he decided to do what he wanted to be doing. He releases the force that was hidden in his heart for too long to end Ohno’s life. He kenw that it won’t be a chance if he didn’t die too with him. He inhaled a deep breath as he sealed his eyes shut, ‘I know you can do this on your own, Aiba…’ he said in his heart, but suddenly he felt the force was getting stronger than it was before.
            He sealed his eyes shut as he doesn’t want anything else to harm them. Those people that he called his friends.


            At the Prime Mall, the performance were getting wilder as the sound of the music that was playing was taking over the whole night. Some of the crowd were screaming but, it seems like too some part of people wanted to go away. They weren’t happy by not able to see whoever that they were hoping for that night. Some people began to scream full of joyment, but some were cursing for an unsatisfied heart. At the back stage, Miyoko sealed her eyes shut and how she was hoping that everything would be alright that night.
            She inhaled a deep breath as the thought of what will happen next to her and her company didn’t come across her mind anymore. She gripped her fist tigher, “I know you can do this, Sakurai!” she said in silent. She knew that it was her to become one of the reason that she and Sakurai can’t be together anymore. She doesn’t want anyone else to regained the same thing that has happened in between the two of them anymore. She felt the tears that was hidden behind her eyes began to fall down when she remembers that Ninomiya, in silent, he have a son age only three that he had been taking care of alone since the lost of the woman he had ever loved.
            It wasn’t supposed for her to know all of this, but how it has given her a bright smile when she knocks on the door and it was only a little boy come and opened the door up. She remembers that she greeted that boy and he only gave her a smile in return. “Kaede…” she said his name as she wiped away the tears that was falling from her eyes. “She recalled back the bond that the two of them had and she was hoping that he won’t lose his father that love him more than a precious diamond that he had in his hand.  She remembered how happy the little boy was when he called Ninomiya papa as he returned home from work the night she met them.She had promised him not to tell anyone about this, but she knew that Ninomiya was the happiest man on earth to have Kaede in his life.
            And with Aiba, a man who has his private life alone, he doesn’t want to share anything else that he has apart from only him knowing everything that has happened in his life, she knew that she knows nothing about that man, but he certainly have a pure heart… Miyoko inha;ed a deep breath, “I certainly hope that there won’t be anything going to happen with all of you,” she said as the sound of the infuriated crowd began to take over the stadium.
            She stood up and walked to the hall and notice that some had already given up and left the building, some still were cursing as they weren’t happy, but Miyoko doesn’t want to care about anything anymore… She only hope that everything that night would be alright… She gritted her teeth against each other as she felt her heart began to pound, harder than it was before.
            “I know you can do this, Sakurai…”  she said in her heart, believing what is untrue to become true…


            How he felt his heart was palpitating harder as time has passed with him draining the life of Ohno Satoshi that was regaining his wit to fight against him on his own, “|There won’t be anymore end of my life! I promise you that!” Ohno said to him furiously. He opened his eye s instantly when he heard Ohno said that to him and he furrowed his eyebrow in disbelieve, “No way, Ohno. There won’t be any more chance! And I don’t care if I have to give my life to take away yours!” he said to Ohno full of fury burning in his heart. He felt the cold wind of night were blowing against his body and he sealed his eyes shut as he was forging his force to fight against Ohno that believe he was the only strongest one. “Argh!!” he screamed so hard as he felt his heart wittered in silent. How he felt his heart has torn apart, and he doesn’t know how much longer he was last standing there on his own, but suddenly, after sometime of him restraining his guts to fight against Ohno, he opened his eyes once again.
            He turned his gaze towards what was in front of him, and looked straight ahead of him and he could only see a smile on another person’s face. At that time, how he felt his wittered heart began to cure slightly as Ohno wasn’t at his attention anymore. Whoever it was furrowed his eyebrow and looked at him handling everything on his own, “Don’t tell me you want to do all of this on your own, Sakurai!” Aiba said to him with a vicious smile. Sakurai had a small laugh and smirked lightly when he knew that Aiba wouldn’t bail his friend when he ever need some help. “You,” he said to Aiba when suddenly he heard footsteps were approaching closer towards his direction as well. He turned his gaze right behind Aiba’s back and smiled endlessly when he noticed Ninomiya and Matsumoto were approaching closer to them.
            “Hey, I don’t want to miss the fun that is going on!” Sakurai heard the sound of Ninomiya approaching closer to him. Ninomya smiled to Sakurai and he lightly passed on his shoulder and Matsumoto furrowed his eyebrow, “I don’t think so I should be out from the picture. This man had kept me as his prisoner for a very long time, and I wish to end it all tonight,” Matsumoto said statically. Sakurai looked at the three of them that was standing in front of him, right behind Ohno that was struggling for his life to be set free, The four of them could hear Ohno was grumbling hard, “Just let me go!” he screamed but somehow, at that time, Sakurai’s force had become stronger with his friends were standing right by his side. They could feel that Ohno was struggling to break free from Sakura’s grip, Aiba smiled slyly to Sakurai, “I know I am not in any part of this, but I guess this man just give me nightmare for me to see what will happen tonight…” he said as he sighed in disbelieve.
            Sakurai looked at Aiba who was smiling gracefully aat his direction. Even though Aiba wasn’t supposed to know any of this at all, but he had a preminitnion that it could happen. He guesses the trial of Ohno trying to take his life away had turned into something else. Perhaps because of his courage and will to move on with his life, and him not being afraid with what was about to happen in the future time had changed what has already written in their book of life. He believed at first that the night could be the end of time for everybody that he could care for, but at that moment, believe that his rpemination was wrong.
            “So, what are we waiting for?” Aiba asked his friends with a smile across his face. Ninomiya nodded to Matsumoto who was standing right in front of his face, and Matsumoto turned his gaze towards both of his side and see Aiba had reached his hand out for Ohno and pushed directly behind his back furiously. Ninomiya grabbed on the right side of Ohno’s shoulder and Matsumoto did the same thing on the right side of his shoulder. Ohno looked at the four of them as he felt his heart was pounding harder than it was before.
            “What are you guys doing?!” he asked as he was strill trying to break free from them. Ohno looked at them anxiously. He felt his heart and himself was tearing apart at that time and he doesn’t know what he should be doing anymore. “No!!” Ohno screamed as he felt himself was melting down as their force regained with each other’s touch on his cold body, Ohno knows that he was melting down… “Argh! Stop all of this!!” he said as he was crying harder but none of them seems to care about him anymore.
            At that time, the only thing they ever wanted was to end Ohno’s life away, as his nightmare and terror wouldn’t be disturbing on anyone’s mind anymore. Sakurai smiled to three of his friends at that time and nodded his head, “Let’s do this!” he said to them. All of them nodded their head as they agree with what Sakurai had said to them, “Let’s do this!” Ninomiya said, and Aiba smirked viciously towards them, “Let him feel the pain that he only know how to give away to people tonight!” Aiba said.
            Matsumoto looked at them and chuckled at the same time, “I guess this is his first time facing all of this!” he said as at that time, all of their forced tangled Ohno alive right in the middle.Ohno felt his heart was trembling apart at that time as he felt his whole body began to triggers badly.
            “What is happening to me?!” Ohno screamed so hard, as at that time he couldn’t see anything else anymore. How Ohno felt his heart was pounding so hard at that time, as he couldn’t hold himself together anymore. All the nightmares that he had given to those people right by his side have fallen on him. He doesn’t want to end his life yet at that time, but somehow, how he felt his heart was bursting out at that time.
            Ohno sealed his eyes shut, “Argh!! Don’t take my life away!!” he screamed so hard on the cold quiet night…


            The time was already eleven fifty five at night and all the guest artist has ended their performance that night. Some people left with a smiling face but some are still waiting for the only star to come out, but sadly he wasn’t even there yet. Miyoko doesn’t know what she should be doing anymore at that time. How she felt devastated for that night didn’t actually work out as it was planned before, but at that time, does all of it matter anymore?  How her heart has been torn apart as her mind kept on dueling with each other as she kept on wondering what has happened to them. Did he manage to save all of their life… or did he…
            Miyoko felt the tears that were hidden behind his eye began to fall down instantly. “No…” she said in silent. Her heart was crying as hard as she couldn’t accept it if it happened. she knew that her heart has been broken once before since she had lost him once, could she even ebar with it if she would lost him again? “No… Please don’t go away from me…” she cries silently. At that time, nothing else matters in her mind anymore, as she felt her cold heart began to wittered apart; she wasn’t sure if she even want to continue her life anymore if she would lost him once again. No… not just him, everybody that has been her good friend in her life… She had lost that she really loved before and she doesn’t want to feel the tense of loosing anyone else anymore.
            She sniffed in silent as the thought of Sakurai’s smile began to shatter away from her mind… She wanted him to always be there even though she can’t prolong their relationship with each other, but she want him there. How she felt herself was trembling apart as the cold night was freezing his heart…
            Suddenly, after the sound of the whole crowd wanted to left the stadium went quiet, she heard footsteps were walking closer towards her direction, and she was certain that was Mr. Hiroshima that wanted to sue Ninomiya’s company. She inhaled a deep breath as that time, she was only left there on her own… ‘ I have to face it, and I have to face it all…’ she said in her heart when suddenly she felt somebody was touching on her shoulder.
            Miyoko was startled as she stood up instantly, she turned around and without looking at anybody, she bows down to ask for forgiveness, “I’m really sorry, Mr. Hiroshima,” she said instantly. The person who was standing in front of her cross his hand on his chest and looked at Miyoko, who was already in her mess. Her heart began to palpitates instantly as she doesn’t want to know about anything anymore apart from if they were alright….
            She heard the footsteps tapped a couple of times in front of her, Miyoko had a gulp as she was afraid at that time, she was really afraid to face anything else anymore. She inhaled a deep breath as she sniffed at the same time, “I’m really sorry, Mr. Hiroshima…” she said once again but suddenly, she felt the person that was standing in front of her, gently touched on her chin and made her looked up at his direction. Miyoko was startled with what was going on. She raised her eyebrow for a short time and how she was startled to see who it was standing in front of her with a smiling face across his lips.
            Her mouth fell open when she saw who it was right there… “Sakurai…” she said his name softly… He only smiled to her and lightly caress on her face, “Miyoko,” he called for her name, but without he could even say anything anymore, Sakurai felt she wrapped both of her arms around his shoulder. He could hear her sniffing as she was still crying on his shoulder, “I thought I would never see you again…” she said to Sakurai. Sakurai had a small laughter. Miyoko furrowed her eyebrow when she heard him laughing at her. She pushed him away, “How could you!” she said that to him, but he pulled her in his arms once again and he pressed his lips slowly on her lips. She was startled for a short time, but she returned his kiss for sometimes.
            Somehow her mind was drifting away. She lightly touched his shoulder and pushed him away. Miyoko inhaled a deep breath when she looked at him with too many thing to ask… “But… what happen to…” she was wondering if Ninomiya and Aiba was doing alright. Sakurai laughed when he was still holding her in his arms, he turned her around when he heard someone was babbling as he was making his way at the back stage.
            Miyoko looked at Aiba that was walking next to Matsumoto with Ninomiya right next to Matsumoto. His arrogant face never seems to change when Matsumoto furrowed his eyebrow and looked at Ninomiya’s direction, “I did told you before that I don’t want to come last night at your event,” Matsumoto said to Ninomiya. Ninomiya only rolled his eyes, “Then what the hell are you doing here?” Ninomiya asked Matsumoto, but it made Matsumoto think for a short time…
            “Well, I guess I did owe you a gratitude for tonight,” he said to Ninomiya with a sly smile across his lips. Ninomiya looked at Matsumoto and laugh slightly when he heard his response. Ninomiya nodded his head, “Yeah, I guess you are right,” Ninomiya said to Matsumoto but Matsumoto reached his hand out for a friendly greeting, “Thank you so much for everything tonight,” Matsumoto said. Ninomiya looked at him statically, and somehow it made Matsumoto’s heart pound so heart as he wondered if he ever did anything wrong. Ninomiya looked at Matsumoto from head to toe and it made him wonder that, even in a rigid situation like this, he was certain that everybody can change.
            Matsumoto lifted his shoulder up, “So… no?” he asked Ninomiya but at the end, Ninomiya smiled to him and accepted his offer and returned his hand shake, “No problem, MJ,” he said to Matsumoto. He smiled when he heard Ninomiya’s response to him and gave him a light touch on his shoulder, “Yeah,” he said to Ninomiya.
            Suddenly both of them felt a touch from their back, “So, what are we still waiting for?!” they heard Aiba’s voice break the silent. They turned their gaze and looked at Aiba with a smile across their face. “Your fans would die waiting for you if it is going to be much longer than before!” Aiba grumbled. All of them laughed when they heard Aiba said that. Ninomiya asked the makeup artist to changes Matsumoto’s clothes that he was wearing that were already too dirty to face the whole crowd.  Matsumoto followed his way when Aiba was rushing towards the stage, but before he could even reach the stage, Mr. Hiroshima grabbed on his shoulder and Aiba looked at him wasn’t satisfied at all.
            “I don’t know what is happening and I would ask my lawyer to write your company a letter!” he said to Aiba. Aiba smiled to him as he was trying to ease his heart away. Aiba inhaled a deep breath, when his mind was playing around him himself, ‘If only wou know what happen tonight,’ he said in his heart. Aiba explain to Mr. Hiroshima everything that has happened and after he heard the explanation, Mr. Hiroshima nodded his head, “I hope it would happen tonight!” he said to Aiba and he walked away from there. Aiba smiled on his own, “Oh, don’t worry, sir. It would happen for sure it will,” he said when he walked out to face the infuriated crowd that waited for too long already.
            Aiba inhaled a deep breath before he turned his gaze to look at all of them. “We are really sorry for the delay, but something has happened to Matsumoto as he was on his way here… and get ready since he will be out on stage soon just for you!” he said to the whole crowd. Everybody with too much question began to look at each other and they began to scream full of excitement. Aiba smiled when he looked at them. ‘Tonight is the night…’
            He knows that it would take them forever to have a chance to meet Matsumoto and perhaps they don’t mind the struggle they have to go through. Aiba smiled to the whole crowd when he looked at how happy they were at that time. Aiba nodded his head when he leaned close to the microphone right in front of his face, “And now, let the countdown begins,” he said to everyone and he heard a very loud cheer. He turned his gaze towards Mr. Hiroshima that wasn’t satisfied before and finally smiled at the end. Aiba walked away from there.

            At the back stage, Miyoko turned her gaze towards Sakurai with too much question in her mind, “What actually happen tonight?” she asked him, but Sakurai only kissed her lips passionately, “Let just say everything has end the right way,” he said to her. She widens her eyes when lightly Sakurai caress her cheek, “Yes…” he said to her. How delighted she was as she wrapped both of her arms around Sakurai. Sakurai inhaled a deep breath as he lightly caress her right behind her back with a smile on her face…
            “I love you, Miyoko…” he said that to her. Ninomiya walked close to Sakurai with a smile across his face as their eyes met. He received a call suddenly from his handphone as he took it out. He looked at the number that was calling him. Ninomiya smiled alone when he saw it was from his home. He picked the phone up, “Hello there,” he said to whoever that was at the other side. He should the sound of somebody was trying to seat on a chair, “Papa! Papa! Where are you, papa!” he heard his little boy called for him. Ninomiya smiled alone when he can’t believe that he was still alive at that time. How it worried him if he couldn’t see her anymore…
            “I’m at work, Kaede,” he said to him, but at that time, his mind drifted away. Now he knew why tonight was the night that all of them met with each other and how he was glad that it actually happen with the people that now he trusted the most through his entire life. Ninomiya smiled on his own as he still hear the sound of his son was talking to him.
            “Don’t worry, Kaede… Papa will return soon,” he said to his son as he wished him goodbye and the sound of the whole crowd began to scream as Matsumoto had taken over the stage that night. Ninomiya looked at the sky that was full of bright shining stars with a smile across his lips. He sighed, and looked away from there… ‘I guess this is destiny…’ he said in his heart…

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