Monday, 25 January 2016

Arashi Fiction : Winter Night Hollow CP1

             The time was already two o’clock in the morning. The snow outside was falling like It has never fell down before and the surrounding was dreadfully silent. The cold wind of the winter night was blowing gruesomely even though it was only the beginning of winter, it seems like it was already the end of everything. Almost everybody has kept themselves locked inside their house as they doesn’t want to face the blizzard that was heard in the news earlier that day would happen that night. Some houses were still alive inside, but certain were already dead as they were already asleep perhaps next to somebody they love. It was only early of December and the preparation for Christmas was still too early for those houses to put out the decoration, but at the darkest corner of the street of St. Valentine, there was a house that was so bright outside and the decoration seems to be at its perfection already. 
            That was the only house that was giving the light through the gruesome path of nowhere. The decoration outside was dazzling the out of whoever that never have been there to visit. It seems like everything was sorted out too perfectly. Sometimes, unknown visitor would wonder who would live inside that house so grand even though it’s not that big, but everything from the outside looked just so marvelous. One car was driving through the road as they are deciding to go somewhere ele for that night they the couple wasn’t from there. The wife touched her husband’s hand when she smiled looking at that house from outside. Her husband looked at her, “What’s the matter, my dear?” he asked her she only smiled to him when she pointed towards the house direction with a beautiful smile on her face.
            “That is such a beautiful house!” she said to her husband. Her husband knew what is on his wife’s mind, but he knew that with that too much decoration, it would take a lot of time to make it all done. He only smiled to her when he touched her hand, “Maybe we can save some money and do it to our house one day later,” he said to her. She smiled to him when she lightly kissed on her husband’s cheek, “Alright,” she said to him, gripping his hand that was holding her as he drove away from there.

            The house indeed made an attraction to everybody, but somehow, the people who lived there was afraid to even be close to that… Nobody actually knew what was inside there… was it even a person who was still living, or crazy enough to be in side that place.


            “What do you want from me?!”  the young man that was wearing a dark blue t-shirt and a pair of grey jeans was running away from where he was standing before inside a dark place, he couldn’t see anything at all. The front door was unlocked unexpected as the cold hard wind from outside gruesomely blew inside the house and pushed him that was standing before down on the ground. The spec thathe was wearing before fell down ton the floor and he knew that he couldn’t see anything else anymore. How he felt his heart was palpitating so rapidly at that time as the echoes of him breathing was heard loud and clear in his ear. He sealed his eyes shut, “I knew I shouldn’t be here!” he said alone, but the echoes of his voice was even louder than anything else inside the house.
            He was searching around for his spec  on the ground and how his heart wanted to screamed out loud to call for some help, but he knew, at his location, nobody would even dare to come close…., but it seems like nobody could even hear the sound of her crying inside there. The echoes of her own voice was coming back to her when suddenly the front door that was opened before closed brutally and the sound of the footsteps he was running from before was walking towards his direction. He gripped his fist tighter as he knew he was too terrified with what was happening. He couldn’t see anything else anymore as the only dim light that was flicking before has died as the footsteps were approaching him much closer.
            He inhaled a deep breath as he was restraining the fear that was oiling up inside him. He felt the tears that has been hiding behind his eyes slowly pouring out from his eyes that wasn’t even open, he was sure that he was afraid to die, but if this was his life has been written for him, was there even anymore way for him to refuse it to happen? He wiped away the tears that was falling out from his eyes, “If this is how it all has to be,’ he said in his heart. The sound of the chainsaw whoever it was that he was holding in his hand previously started to make the sound again as he turned it on as he was getting much closer to him. He sealed his eye shut as he was ready to face everything…
            But before anything could even happen…

            “Hey! Ninomiya! Fetch!” Sakurai Sho, the co-captain of the football teach shouted to Ninomiya as before he turned around to face him, the football that was thrown towards his direction was hit directly on his chest in the speed of light. Ninomiya grumbled as the hit was too painful; he thought that he has lost his life. The book he was holding in his hand fell down on the ground as he bend slightly lower as he was restraining the pain he felt in himself. He grumbled alone, “Arrgh!”.  He heard the sound of Sakurai laughing at him loudly when he was walking close to him as he was heading towards the other direction.
            Sakurai held his girlfriend close in his arms as he was kissing her lips for too long until she pushed him away. He shakes her head from side to side, “Oh, don’t do this to me, Sakurai! We just reached this place!” she said to him. Sakurai doesn’t even bother with what did she said when he grabbed her once again in his arms and started to kiss her again, “Do you think I would care, Jessica?”  he asked her. She furrowed her eyebrow and pushed him away but his strength was much stronger than hers, it made her couldn’t go anywhere. “Of course you have to care, Sakurai… What if… I would walk away???” she said to him with a cheeky smirk on her face. He looked at her long and pulled her closer to him once again after several of times of her trying to break free from him. He lightly ran his fingers on her neck when he assists it along with a kiss that was driving her mad. She grabbed on her hand that was touching her, “Sakurai!” she scowled for his name, but he doesn’t even bother.
            He lightly bite on her eat and made her closed her eyes at her head was alredy dreaming elsewhere. He whispered to her, “If it’s not me… Who else can drive you crazy like I do, huh?” he said to her. She raised her eyebrow as she felt infuriated but at the end, she ran her fingers at the side of his jaw... “Oh, Sakurai…” she moaned to him a little bit when she felt his hands already moving around behind her back while she was thinking alone. She knew that at first, she doesn’t feel like going for this vacation to The State with him and his friends, but after her best girl, Naomi, the girlfriend of the football team captain, Ohno Satoshi, had been pleading to her so much about accompanying her to this trip and of course, her boyfriend, Sakurai, can’t stop disturbing her about the good time they would be having together there. She wanted to ignore all of it but, how can she possibly do when her boyfriend can made her go crazy about him. She was only a tranfered student from Australia to Japan, but she enjoyed her life there.
            She had a slight giggle when she grabbed his hand. “Not in front of people, honey…” she said to Sakurai but he was still kissing her. Sakurai who was at the end of his lust for her was starled when he felt somebody knocked on his head with a ball that the person was holding in his hand lightly. Sakurai furrowed his eyebrow and looked at who it was. He wasn’t satisfied at all, “What the hell?!” he said when he looked at the man’s direction who was walking away from him.
            “Get a room, Sakurai,” he said to Sakurai sarcastically. He looked at Ohno that was only wearing his short even though it was a winter season. Sakurai lifted his shoulder up when he looked at his senior still as cool as that, “What? I thought we are here for a good time!” he replied to Ohno, but Ohno only lifted up his hand in a sign he doesn’t bother. Sakurai sighed when he looked at Ohno walking away with his girlfriend next to him. He turned his gaze towards Jessica, “We should get inside the house,” he said that to her as he pulled her hand away from there. He walked beside Ninomiya that was collecting those books and document that has fallen down earlier.
            “Get away, you little twerp,” he said when he stepped on one of the document that has fallen down. Ninomiya looked at Sakurai and grabbed the document that has ben crumpled in the center. He sighed, “I wonder when will all of this end…” he grumbled to himself. He was abut to reached out for another document when accidently he touched on somebody’s hand instead. He was surprised when he turned his gaze up, “Let me help you with that,” he heard a soft voice said to him and he saw Aiba was bending down to help him sort out with everything there. Ninomiya smiled to Aiba when he heard Matsumoto was walking towards their direction from inside the house.
            “Oh, what is all of these mess!?” Matsumoto said as if he was in a surprise. He smiled towards Ninomiya when he reached his hand out to pull Ninomiya up and he accepted it with an open heart. Aiba collected all of the documents that was on the floor and gotten up himself aswell. Ninomiya smiled to the two of them, “Thanks a lot you guys. These documents are just too much,” Ninomiya said to them as he pushed the rectangle shaped frame he was wearing upper on his nose.
           Matsumoto ran his fingers on Ninomiya’s once before clean clothes and trying to make the dirt go away. “Ah, it must be all the devil’s helper’s work,” he said to Ninomiya as he ran his fingers on his shoulder. He felt the sweats that was falling on the side of his neck and he wipes it away with his hand. He shakes his head from side to side, even though it was winter time, working out still would cost him some sweats sometimes. He knew he got to keep his body fit enough for his upcoming game after all of this vacation is over. Hi and Aiba had been a team since they both would help each other to hurdle the opponent of the match, but does it even matter in this real life world anyway. He sighed alone when he turned his gaze towards Aiba and Ninomiya who was talking with each other.
            “So, are you two up for some nice dinner together?” Matsumoto asked them. Aiba looked at Matsumoto as his head was too full with questions, “Only us” he asked Matsumoto. Matsumoto only nodded his head. 

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