Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Arashi Fiction : Winter Night Hollow CP6

            In the dark cold night, Ohno walked out from the car and was searching somebody that he could barely see, “Ninomiya!” he shouted for another person’s name. He gritted his teeth against each other when he felt his body temperature increased even though it was a cold freezing night that night. He felt his hands triggers slightly but he doesn’t care about it anymore. ‘And he couldn’t even do whatever I told him to do!’ he grumbled in his heart as each step he was taking was giving him more reason to be infuriated with Ninomiya. He knew that he shouldn’t be at wherever he was right then because he wanted somebody to take him to where he was looking for, not at this dark old rigid house! The dream that he had when he had fallen asleep when there was a voice that was calling for hi   m made him wanted to look for wherever it was. He doesn’t care if it actually there or isn’t. but he knew that he wanted to make Ninomiya search it for him. Let him die bleeding if he have to, but Ninomiya have to do what he wanted him to do. He ran his fingers through his hair when he unsettle the already messed up hair, “Ninomiya! Where the hell are you?!” he screamed so hard, everything that was alive close enough to him was frighten and ran away from there.                                                         He stopped in the middle of the path that he could barely see and cross his arms on his chest, “If you don’t come here! I would slaughter you to your death, Ninomiya!” he screamed once again. He grumbled when he walked further away from where he was earlier. Ohno had been making Ninomiya as his slave for too long already. Since the first day Ninomiya had entered the damn University society, this damn fraternity, Ohno knew that there is something with that guy when he first time look at him and he was sure that he could make Ninomiya listen to whatever that he said, demand him to do and right now, he had demand him to be doing something for him, not to sit around and do nothing right in front of this horrid house.
            He crossed his arms on his chest when his mouth still couldn’t stop cursing on Ninomiya. Matsumoto turned around when he saw Ohno was walking towards their direction uncertainly. He raised one side of his eyebrows up when in an instant he turned his gaze towards Ninomiya who was still looking ahead towards the house and wasn’t aware that Ohno was on their direction. Matsumoto gritted his teeth against each other, “Oh, damn it! He is already awake!” Matsumoto grumbled alone. He turned his gaze towards Aiba who doesn’t know what else to do anymore, They heard Ohno footsteps were coming closer when finally after a while of looking for Ninomiya, he had found him at the end.
            “Where the hell do you think you are going, Ninomiya!?” Ohno screamed towards Ninomiya. Ninomiya turned his gaze towards Ohno imidiately when he felt Ohno gripped on the t-shirt he was wearing and made Ninomiya turned around to look at him. Ninomiya looked away from Ohno that was infuriated with him, but Ohno grabbed on the end of his chin and made Ninomia look at him when he was talking to him. He slapped on Ninomiya’s face a couple of times. “I thought I asked you to find a house! Not sitting in front of this old rigid house!” he shouted directly at Ninomiya;s face. Ninomiya was gutted with Ohno’s action on him at that time and he was dumb and dull at that time because he knew that he has no strength to fight against Ohno. Ninomiya sealed his eyes shut when he felt Ohno’s hand that was slapping him become harder than it was before, “Are you listening to me, Ninomiya?!” he asked Ninomiya. Ninomiya doesn’t know how to answer. Ninomiya inhaled a deep breath, “Wait! Listen to me, Ohno!” he said to Ohno, but his voice was buried with Ohno’s anger to him.
            “What are you trying to tell me here, Ninomiya!” Ohno said when he doesn’t want to hear any explanation from him anymore. He wants what he wanted and he wants it right now. He slapped on Ninomiya’s face more and much harder than before. “I seriously can’t hear you!” he said in sharp tone. He could only hear Ninomiya grumbled as he was in too much pain, he couldn’t restrain anything else anymore. “Ohno! Please! Listen to me!” Ninomiya tries to speak but Ohno still couldn’t stop slapping his face.

Matsumoto felt his heart was pounding so hard and it was buried with his fury when he looked at Ohno’s action to Ninomiya. He raised his eyebrow when he gripped his fist so tight, ‘What is this guy trying to do to him?! He is not you damn puppet, Ohno!’ he said in his heart. He gritted his teeth against each other.
            “What the hell is he doing?!” Matsumoto said furiously at the end and with no hesitation he walked towards Ohno who was rebelling with someone who won’t fight against him. Aiba widens his eyes when he tries to reach out for Matsumoto, “Matsumoto! No!” he speaks up but Matsumoto was much more swifter than he was, Matsumoto approached further from him and much closer to Ohno and Ninomiya. He grabbed Ohno’s hand but Ohno who was too high, couldn’t think of anything else anymore when he looked at Matsumoto, “What the hell do you want from me?!” Ohno shouted directly to Matsumoto, and in a straight line, Ohno punch Matsumoto’s face with his fist and cause Matsumoto to fall down on the thick snow beneath him.
            Matsumoto’s jaw fell down when he felt infuriated with Ohno’s action, he wiped away the blood that was falling down at the side of his lips, “You!” Matsumoto said furiously when he stood up and raised his fist up to fight against Ohno. He grabbed on Ohno’s t-shirt and made Ohno look at his direction and with no hesitation, Aiba ran towards Matsumoto and grabbed his hands fist but before he could punch Ohno directly on his face, “Matsumoto! Stop!” Aiba screamed. Matsumoto pushed Aiba away with his arms and he pushed Ohno with a raging anger in his heart and he looked at Ohno who fell on to the ground. Ohno furrowed his eyebrow when he felt like his body was burning at that time. He looked at Matsumoto and he knew deep in his heart, he wanted to fight against Matsumoto but Aiba stand in between both Matsumoto and Ohno and he grabbed on Ohno’s hand before he could even do his action to Matsumoto.
            “What makes you hate me so much, Matsumoto!?” Ohno screamed to Matsumoto and Ninomiya who was close to them couldn’t take the sound of them argueing with each other anymore. He sealed his eyes shut when he could still hear them fighting mouth to mouth with each other. Ninomiya gripped his fist so tight, ‘I know it’s wrong, but I got to do this!’ he said in his heart and he move forward towards their direction and he speak his words without even thinking about anything else anymore.
            “We are already in front of the house, Ohno!” Ninomiya screamed with all of his might. Ohno, Matsumoto and Aiba looked at Ninomiya oddly... Ninomiya felt his heart pound so hard when Ohno pushed Matsumoto away and he walked closer to Ninomiya ad he grabbed on his t-shirt and looked at him furiously, “What the hell did you say?!” Ohno asked Ninomiya furiously as he was shaking Ninomiya uncontrollably. Ninomiya sealed his eyes shut when he felt his heart was pounding harder than it was before. The sound of it was much louder than it’s surrounding.
            “We are already in front of the house!” Ninomiya said to Ohno when Ohno pushed Ninomiya away and he look at the house that he was stand next to it. He could hear the sound of the bells on the Christmas three in front of the house as the strong wind was blowing against it. Ohno felt his heart stopped when he looked at what he saw in his dream was actually true... His mouth fell open as he couldn’t think anymore...He heard the sounds of footsteps were walking much closer towards him. “Ohno!” he heard Noami was calling for his name and she touched on his shoulder.
            “We are already in front of that house,” he said to Naomi when he was gutted with what he was looking at that time.


            Naomi rested her head on Ohno’s shoulder when she looks at what Ohno was looking at, “What is all this, love?” she said to Ohno. She furrowed her eyebrow slightly and looked at the house that seems so eerie from the other side but somehow it look a little stunning from the other, she gently caress her fingers behind his ear, “What is all of this??” she grumbled to Ohno. Ohno didn’t even bother to look at her but somehow, he was fascinated with what he was looking right in front of his eyes… He inhaled a deep breath as the footsteps that were approaching him from behind didn’t actually bother him at all. Ohno smiled slightly, when he kissed on Naomi’s lips unexpectedly. She was surprise but she returned his kiss, “Ohno!” she said his name with a slight giggle coming out from her mouth. He wrapped one side of his arm around her waist when he pulled her much closer to him. “We already found what we are looking for!” Ohno said to Naomi when he took is step forward towards the house. Ohno sighed and hee really hope that whatever that he saw in his dream were actually true.
            “What the hell are you bonehead doing there?! Get Sakurai to come here right now!” Ohno shouted to those three when he was about to enter the house. Those three men exchanges their look when Aiba with no reason at all, nodded his head, “Okay!” he replied Ohno, but he was still standing there. Ohno slowly reached his hand out and with a pounding heart, he slowly touched the door knob. He looked at Naomi when Naomi only gently kissing his lips, “Just do it, love,” she said to Ohno. He nodded his head, “Alright, my love,” he replied Naomi and without realizing anything, his hand was already on the door knob when he felt his breathing was already uncertain at that time. He felt the thrill, excitement and the urge about getting inside the house was dominating his heart. Ohno felt his hand slightly triggers when he wanted to twist the front door open. He could feel Naomi was gripping his hand. He sealed his eyes shut when the imagine from his dream came back crawling in his mind…
            ‘Just get inside the house…’ the voice was calling for him… Ohno inhaled a deep breath and he wonder if the door could be lock and he has to break inside. Or could there even be a massive hole that would take their life away once they took a first step inside the house? He felt deep in his heart, there was a small line telling him not to go inside. He wanted to pull his hand away from there, but the urge of wanting to go inside there was taking charge of his mind… ‘Just open the door and get inside the house, Ohno Satoshi…’ the voice was calling for him again. He could see the shadow of a man that was inside the house in his dream was calling for him to precede his step inside. The scar on his hand was too obvious to be seen. He wondered if he had ever seen this man anywhere before? But he doesn’t recall anything at all…
            Ohno sighed as he opened his eyes once again. Naomi looked at Ohno that was deliberately anxious about getting inside the house, but that is what he wanted wasn’t it? She knew that there is nothing in Ohno’s life that he couldn’t get. Weather it could be bad or worse, Ohno would always gets what he wanted. She gripped his hand; “Just do it, love,” she whispered to him. It startled him for a short time, when he felt her soft breath was breathing close enough to him. He nodded his head when he twisted the knob he was holding in his hand to make sure if it was lock or wasn’t. ‘Here’s just all for nothing!’ he said in his heart when he twisted the knob from side to side.
            Matsumoto, Ninomiya and Aiba only look at Ohno’s action from far and they were wondering what was in Ohno’s mind at that time… Aiba could only inhaled his breath when he felt his foot couldn’t be standing anymore… “Is this the right thing to do?...” Aiba asked his friends when he felt his heart was beating harder than the wind that was blowing against their skin. Matsumoto and Ninomiya couldn’t answer him at all. Matsumoto lifted his shoulders up, “I guess we could only just sit and watch that the hell will happen next,” Matsumoto said to them. Ninomiya blinked his eyes twice when Aiba just nodded his head… ‘I hope this isn’t what I dreamt it all about…’ Ninomiya said in his heart when the strong wind was blowing harsh once again. He knew that the blizzard will be coming soon, but could the blizzard be another best option to face apart from they don’t know what is actually inside the house? Ninomiya sighed…


            The wind from the outside world was blowing harshly against Ohno’s and Naomi’s body. The dark cold night was terrorizing them at that time since the moon that was trying to light up the world was hidden behind the cloud that was taking over the whole night. The chill that they felt deep inside their soul was taking over the two of them, but in Ohno’s mind, he just want what he had promise to give to those fools that only follow what he said. He sighed alone. Even though with a rigid heart, he knew he have to do it. ‘It’s all or nothing…’ he said in his heart when his eyes were only stuck to the old door knob that he was holding in his hand. He wondered if the whole house would collapse if he opened the door? He gripped his fist that was holding Naomi’s hand when without any hesitation, but with too much fright and deliberation, he twisted the door knob.  His eyes widen as he turned it from side to side. He felt his heart fell down on the ground when he was surprised that it was actually unlock. He blinked his eyes a couple of times when he twisted the door open and pushed it open…
            The wind from the open door from inside the house was blowing against both him and Naomi that was standing right beside the open door. It was slightly dim inside the house when the candle on the dining table was lit on, but the strong wind blew it off. Ohno turned his gaze towards Naomi when he release her hand as he took a step inside the house, “You wait here,” he said to her, but Naomi doesn’t care, she shakes her head from side to side and took a step inside the house right next to Ohno, “There’s no way I am leaving you here alone,” she said to him. Ohno furrowed his eyes when her stubbornness. She sometimes, never bother with what he said to her. Ohno sighed when he doesn’t care anymore. “Yeah, whatever,” he replied her. He knew that she could be brave at times, but without him by her side, she would be left frighten all alone. Just on her own.
            Each step that he took inside the house made his heart jolt with fright and excitement at the same time. What else could he wish for at the end of his journey there with his friends? He inhaled a deep breath when he could feel something was calling for him with just the sense of his smell. The door the was open before sealed shut suddenly when the strong wind from the other side pushed it close. Naomi was shocked when she wrapped her arms around Ohno’s body, “Ohno!” she screamed for his name. Ohno touched the wall next to him as he was searching for anything to turn on the light or whatever inside the house. It is impossible for the electricity to be cut off when the light from outside was shining so bright.

            Matsumoto, Ninomiya and Aiba were looking at each other as they were getting nearer towards the hosue. They don’t know what is on Ohno’s mind anymore as both him and Naomi already enter the house without even thinking twice anymore, but Ninomiya could still feel his heart was pounding so hard. He shakes his head from side to side when he looked at the door suddenly close down when the strong wind blew against it. Aiba jerked off when he stopped from taking his step towards the house… “What the hell…”Aiba said alone… Ninomiya had a gulp when he felt slightly frighten but he tries to pushed it away, ‘It’s just nothing. It’s only nothing!’ he screamed in his heart, but Matsumoto could see that Ninomiya’s hand was triggering rapidly each second passed by… Matsumoto looked at Ninomiya when he stopped first before he gripped on Ninomiya’s hand that was slightly futher away from him. He wanted to stop Ninomiya from walking further towards the house if he was afraid... Ninomiya was startled when he felt Matsumoto’s strong grip on his hand. He stopped walking and slowly he turned around to looked at Matsumoto. His jaw fell down when he could see that Matsumoto’s face was bleeding slightly, and Matsumoto’s hand was reaching out to touch his face, but Ninomiya took his step backward instead, “No… Don’t touch me, Matsumoto!” he screamed and by accident, he stepped on something on the ground and he fell down on the thick cold snow beneath him. Matsumoto widen his eyes and gripped on his hand to pull him back up. Aiba turned around when he looked at Ninomiya and Matsumoto, but Ninomiya was looking at Matsumoto terrifily…

            Matsumoto looked at Ninomiya when he touched on Ninomiya’s face a couple of times to wake him up, “What’s the matter, Ninomi?!” Matsumoto asked Ninomiya. Ninomiya was breathing uncertainly when he opened his eyes once again and he could see that Matsumoto was just himself right in front of his eyes. ‘It’s only a dream. It’s only a dream!’ he said in his heart, but he couldn’t lie that his heart was pounding so hard. He turned around towards the house when he looked at the darkness from the window at the side of the house was dominating what was inside and in a short time, the light was turned on the brightness was taking over the house.
            The front door was opened once again when Ohno looked at them from inside the house, “Can’t you guys get Sakurai here right now?!” he screamed to those three, but his voice sound like it came from further away… “Go and get him right now!!” Ohno shouted once again. Aiba who was terrified nodded his head and walked away from there, “I would go and get Sakurai! You guys get inside!” he said to those two when Aiba know that actually in his heart, he was terrified to proceed anymore. He ran towards the car right in front of the house. Matsumoto lifted his shoulder up when he wanted to go inside the house, “Oh well, I guess we already found what we are looking for,” he said when he took a step forward but Ninomiya grabbed his hand and made Matsumoto stopped and looked at Ninomiya curiously. He raised one side of his eyebrow, “What is it?” he asked Ninomiya. Ninomiya looked at Matsumoto, “Isn’t this the house that we saw earlier?” he asked Matsumoto. Matsumoto turned around to look at that house and he wondered which part of that house was related to the house that they seen before. Matsumoto looked at it for sometime but at the end, he laughed and pushed Ninomiya’s shoulder instead, “Get it out from your mind, Ninomi!” he said to Ninomiya. Ninomiya’s jaws dropped down when he couldn’t believe that Matsumoto didn’t trust him,
            Matsumoto took the lead when he raised his hand to call for Ninomiya, “Come on! Let’s just get inside the house! Maybe then he would shut the hell up!” Matsumoto said to Ninomiya when he could hear Ohno was still calling for them, grumbling on his own... Ohno furrowed his eyebrow when he turned around and walked inside the house once again… Matsumoto was walking away from there when Ninomiya was left there startled alone… He sighed on his own and he ran his fingers through his forehead when it began to sweat suddenly…
            ‘I really hope this isn’t what I think it is…’


            His heart was beating rapidly as he was getting much closer towards the car right in front of that house. He wiped away the sweat that was falling down from the side of his head and he sealed his eyes shut, “I really hope that they know what they are trying to do!” Aiba said alone as he was approaching much closer to the car, but he wonder why does it feel much further than it should be? Aiba was gasping for some air to be breathing in before after a ‘long time’, he stopped aat the side of the car. He looked inside the car when he could only see Jessica leaning back at the seat and he couldn’t see Sakurai anywhere inside the car. He raised one side of his eyebrow when he scratches his head, “Where is he?” he asked himself. He opened the car door when he peeked inside. He looked at Jessica with her clothes slightly open. Aiba ease down his breathing when slowly, he bite his lips slightly when his eyes were gazing at some part of her luxious body… He couldn’t even blink her eyes. He knew that she isn’t originally from Japan, but a woman with a body that beautiful… How crazy can a man who couldn’t even last looking at her and  only think she is attractive?
            With a fine body like that, Aiba was sure that a man would wanted to look at her even more than five second they were walking beside her. Aiba inhaled a deep breath as he was reaching out for her. He doesn’t know if he wanted to ask her where Sakurai could be, or he just wanted to touch her skin…? He felt his hand triggers as it was getting much closer to her skin…. He blinks his eyes a couple of times. |    
            Aiba had been looking at her since the first day she had entered the University, but he knew clearly now that she belongs to Sakurai and he was sure that he would be in hell if he ever dream of touching her… Aiba felt his hands triggers as he was approaching closer to her bear shoulder. ‘I just want to ask you where Sakurai could be…’ he remind himself in his mind…
            He licked his lips once again when is fingers are getting much closer to her body… He inhaled a deep breath before he could manage to touch her. Her sof pink lips somehow, has made his brain stuck in his own illusion… Aiba looked at her and he doesn’t know what he actually wanted to do anymore… He reached out for her… and as he was getting much closer to her, how he felt his heart was pounding rapidly. He look at her clear skin… how he long to touch her face… how long he had been dreaming in making her his, but he guess… “I don’t care anymore…” he said slowly when she suddenly grumbled. “Sakurai…” she called for her boyfriend’s name when she thought that it was him. Aiba look at her that was close enough to him and at that time, doesn’t care anymore as he was leaning closer to her, Aiba sealed his eyes shut when he knew the only thing in his mind was her lips against his, but before he could make his move, he suddenly felt somebody touched his shoulder. Aiba opens his eyes wide and he turned around swiftly to see who it was.
            “What the hell are you trying to do, Aiba?” Sakurai asked him statically. Sakurai was holding the cigarette in his hand and inhaled the smoke from the cigarette in his mouth before he blew it out. The warmth from the cigarette was enough to give him the satisfaction from the cold weather outside. Sakurai walked away from there as he looked at Aiba walking out from the car behind his back. “Sorry, I was just searching for something at the back seat,” Aiba lied to Sakurai. Sakurai rolled his eyes, “Right.” he said to Aiba before he smoke for the last time and threw the end of the cigarette on the thick snow bed beneath him. Sakurai smirked hand had a small laughter as he was mocking Aiba directly.
            ‘Damn it! Why is he even here!?’ Aiba grumbled alone. He felt infuriated slightly, Sakurai turned around and grabbed his shoulder, “I know what’s on your mind, but don’t you dare ever do that again I am telling you,” he said to Aiba sharply. Aiba felt his heart pound so hard when Sakurai said that to him. He gripped his fist when he wondered why he couldn’t fight against that jerk that was standing right in front of his face. Even though he and Sakurai only belong in the same soccer team, but sometimes, Sakurai deceived him. Maybe Sakurai have almost everything that every girls would want, but does he even have a heart? Aiba rolled his eyes when he lifted his shoulder back up and look directly at Sakurai. “Ohno is calling the two of you,” Aiba said to Sakurai before he turned around from there and walked away… He heard Sakurai speak to him, but he doesn’t bother about Sakurai anymore. He is the last thing he could be worry about in his mind at that time, ‘Whatever, Sakurai. Just whatever,’ he said in his heart as he was walking away from there.

            While he was walking away from Sakurai and the jeep that they rented, Aiba sealed his eyes shut when he could still see Jessica was looking at him in her dreams. Even though her eyes weren’t open to see him there, he could still see that she was smiling when she was looking at his direction. Aiba gripped is fist so tight when he look ahead of him, seeing Matsumoto almost reaching towards the house and Ninomiya was still taking his time slowly to even each there.

            Aiba shrugged on his own when the thought of Jessica was still in his mind. He gripped his fist so tight, ‘Maybe one day I will make you mine…’ Aiba said in his heart when he sealed his eyes shut once again for a very short time and he opens it once again as he was catching up with Ninomiya that seems to be in his dream land on his own. His fright to go inside the house seems to be erased as he felt like his greed started to take control. Aiba inhaled a deep breath before he manage to smile and wrapped his arm around Ninomiya’s shoulder to greet him. Ninomiya looked at Aiba as he was startled to see Aiba right next to him in silent.
           “So, are you ready to be petrified inside the house?” Aiba asked Ninomiya with a cheeky smile across his lips. Ninomiya wiped away the sweat that was still falling at the side of his cheek. Ninomiya doesn’t know how to answer Aiba anymore. He sighed before he lifted his shoulder up, he pushed the spec that he was wearing that has fallen down and rubbed his fingers on his shoulder as he felt a slight ache. He snorted slightly and looked at Aiba, “I guess we should just go and have fun?” he replied Aiba when he wasn’t sure if it could be fun or more of being demanded inside.
            The two of them opened the door and the bright light from inside the house was brightening in front of that house that night.  They looked at each other before they went inside the house and as they did, they close the door and nobody knows what has happen to him and Ninomiya inside there.


            Sakurai furrowed his eyebrow when he was slightly pissed when Aiba didn’t even listen to what he was saying. He gripped his fist so tight when he was thinking of punching Aiba directly at his face. He touched the car’s back door that was freezing cold and gripped his fist there when he felt his fury began to burst out, ‘I really hope I can take it easy with you this time, Aiba…’ Sakurai said alone. He knew that Aiba isn’t the kind of guy that would irritate anybody at all, but at times, with him being just too nice pissed him off tremendously. Sakurai was trying to breathe when he felt his heart was pounding furiously than before. He looked at Jessica that has fallen to sleep and he gently touched her cheek.
            Jessica grumbled slightly when she gently grabbed on his hand that was touching her face, She slowly opens her eyes and looked at Sakurai that was looking at her mischievously. She reached her hand out and tries to touch his nose but Sakurai grabbed her hand first before she could even touch him, “Sakurai…” she called for him lightly. Sakurai looked at her furiously and it made Jessica a little scared looking at her that way. She sat back down properly and look at him, “What’s the matter, honey?” she looked at him with a puppy eyes. He pulled her much closer to him and kissed her lips so passionately, she was startled when he did that to her. She tries to push him away but he was much stronger than her.
            She giggled a little, “Sakurai!” she called for his name when he grabbed her out from the car and lifted her up in his arms. She looked at him as she was wrapping both of her legs around his hips; her bra fell down from the open door. Sakurai kissed her lips once again. She ran her fingers through his hair and looked at him, “Seriously, honey. What’s up?” she asked him with a cheeky smile across her lips. He pulled her closer when he lightly bite her ear. She sealed her eyes shut when she could feel his breath blowing against her ear. She felt tickle but he kissed her neck instead to make it go away…
            “We just reach out destination,” Sakurai said to her. Jessica’s jaw dropped down when she heard Sakurai said that to her. She covers her mouth that was opened wide with her palm, “Seriously, honey!?” she asked him when she felt Sakurai wrapped his arms around her body to give her the answer from the question that she asked. Her smile was so bright, “Finally!” she screamed a little when she touched his face with both of her hands and she couldn’t stop kissing his lips. She could hear Sakurai was laughing cheekily at her as he was walking towards the house with her still wrapped in his arms.
            He kissed her lips once again, “Now, we can continue what we should be doing,” he said to her when she pinch on his nose slightly. She winked her eyes to him, “I can’t wait!” she replied him. She looked to the side when her eyes were looking straight at the house. She lifted her shoulder up. She couldn’t believe that this was the house that Ohno have wanted to look for. She doesn’t know what’s inside, and she wonder what is actually inside there. She ran her fingers at the side of his cheek, right behind his ear when she kissed his lips once again. He returned her kiss as he was standing right in front of the house.
            Sakurai could hear that Ohno, Matsumoto, Aiba, Naomi and Ninomiya was enjoying their time inside the house, but his mind was only thinking about his good time with Jessica inside there. She gently touch the end of his nose with her finger, “I really hope there is something good inside,” she said to him. Sakurai had a small laughter as he grabbed on her ass that was resting on his arms, Jessica widen her eyes when she pushed him away and Sakurai put her down on the ground once again. “Don’t be mean to me!” Jessica said to Sakurai. Sakurai only laughed at her before he kisses her lips once again.
            “Don’t worry, honey. This is going to be the greatest time of our life inside this place,” he said to Jessica. Jessica wrapped her arms around Sakurai’s shoulder and she touched his cheek, “Let’s go,” she said to him and at the same time, with a smirk across his face, Sakurai opend the front door and went inside the house.


            Aiba widens his eyes when he look at the dining table was already served with verities of foods and drinks… Aiba smiled when he grabbed the can of beer before he opens it and took a sip from it. Ohno sat at the dining table when he was busy eating the dish that was properly serve for seven of them inside the room. Aiba looked at Ohno, “I wonder how you knew all of this?!” Aiba asked Ohno was he was too curious to know about everything. Ohno only smirked at Aiba when he took a bite of his spaghetti. He taste the delicious taste of the food that he was eating. He could feel the warmth of it all go inside his stomach. Naomi looked at Ohno when she grabbed the napkin close to him and wiped away the mess at the side of his lips, “You eat like a child, love,” she said that to him when Ohno turned her gaze towards her and kissed her lips. He licked the sauce that was at the side of her lips and smiled to her cheekily, “I know that. Don’t worry too much,” he said to her. He looked at Aiba that was still waiting for an answer when Matsumoto walked out from the kitchen as he was getting himself a cold drink.
            Ohno snorted a little laughter before he answers Aiba. He lifted his shoulder’s up, “I guess the Lord came to me in my dream and tell me that all of this was waiting for us behind the dark cold ground. Inside this nasty old house,” Ohno said to Aiba. Aiba’s jaw fell open slightly when he ate his food and nodded his eat. “Oh, that is just nice! I never thought that our vacation could be this amazing!” Aiba said to Ohno when at the same time, he heard Matsumoto pulled the chair beside him and sat right next to him. Matsumoto took a sip of his water and looked at Aiba. Matsumoto lifted his shoulder up, “I guess we are just lucky,” he said to them sarcastically.
            Matsumoto ate his spaghetti when Ninomiya could only look at them enjoying their time inside that house. He knew that it was a pleasant surprise that somebody would prepare all of this for them, but who would it be? It couldn’t be the ghost of the Christmas Hollow. No, it wouldn’t be it. Ninomiya tries to think about all of it. Isn’t it slightly strange when people do this to them? Who would want them to be there? Could it be a surprise or could it be just a trap to get them inside? Ninomiya ate the apple pie that he had taken earlier and eats it alone… but at that time, his mind were drifting away at something else instead.
            Ninomiya gritted his teeth against each other, ‘Seriously, Ninomi. Stop thinking about all of this! It could be just a luck!’ he said to himself. He lifted his shoulders up when he doesn’t want all the bad things to come to his head and he was about to eat the pie that he had taken in the spoon he was holding in his hand. He opens his mouth but before he could even eat, he felt somebody suddenly pushed his head from behind his back.
            Ninomiya was startled when the spoon that he was holding in his hand fell down on the plate and he heard the whole crowd close to him was laughing at him. He widens his eyes and look to his side when he saw Sakurai was right there with Jessica. Sakurai lifted his shoulder up, “Ops! Sorry! I thought that it was only a dummy’s head! I didn’t know that it was yours!” Sakurai said to Ninomiya. Ninomiya sighed when he picked up the pie that has fallen out from the plate and put it back inside the plate. Matsumoto looked at Sakurai sharply when he doesn’t understand why would they wanted to disturb Ninomiya. Did Ninomiya ever do anything wrong to him anyway?! Sakurai was still laughing at Nimoiya when he sat right beside Ohno and grabbed the beer can and took a large sip for the first round. He put the can down and smiled to Ninomiya that was irritated with him. Ninomiya lifted his shoulder up and took the spec that has fallen out when Sakurai pushed his head too hard just now and put it back on.
            “I’m alright, I’m alright,” Ninomiya said to them, but none of them actually bother with what Ninomiya said. Ohno only laughed at what just happened, “Who would care about you anyway, Ninomiya?” he said sarcastically to Ninomiya. Matsumoto shakes his head from side to side when he couldn’t believe what are those idiots were trying to do to that guy. Ninomiya just nodded his head and when he was about to eat once again, Sakurai threw a piece of paper towards his direction. Ninomiya looked up towards Sakurai.
            “Yes?” Ninomiya asked Sakurai when Sakurai only looked at him sarcastically. He tapped is fingers on the table, “You go and get me something to eat at the other side,” he pointed to Ninomiya towards the other direction. Ninomiya looked at where he was pointing at and he knew that some part of him doesn’t want to do it, but he knew why was he there anyway. Matsumoto wanted to stop Ninomiya, “Why don’t you go and take it yourself anyway?” Matsumoto asked Sakurai sarcastically. Sakurai leaned back on the chair he was sitting on after he took another sip of the beer close to him. He lifted his shoulders up, “Then what’s the point of having a butler if we don’t use him?” Sakurai replied Matsumoto back heartlessly. Matsumoto furrowed his eyebrow and he wanted to fight back but suddenly he felt Ninomiya patted his hand. “Don’t worry about it,” Ninomiya said to Matsumoto when he stood up and walked towards the other side of the table and get some meal for Sakurai.
            Aiba looked at Matsumoto who was extremely pissed at that time. “Yeah, whatever,” Matsumoto said to Sakurai who was enjoying himself in front of his face. Aiba looked at Matsumoto who couldn’t stop gripping his fist below the dining table. Aiba turned his gaze all around the table and sometimes, he don’t really understand with all of this. He sighed, ‘I guess this is what fraternity life is all about…’ Aiba said alone in his heart when the sound of both Ohno and Sakurai talking to each other was invading everything else, but his eyes were still luring around each and every corner of that house… 

(c) Scarlet Storm 2016 

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