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Arashi Fiction : Winter Night Hollow CP7

            At that night, during the time that has passed as each and every second it took for them to even speak or taking a step inside the house that was too humongous for the five of them to be living in, time was ticking away. They were certainly enjoying their time inside the house, but nobody seem to realize the increasing of cold temperature from the outside. The wind blew harder than it was before as the trees surrounded the house began to sway harshly from side to side. The night has become darker than it was before and they don’t know anything on what will happen later as in silent, the blizzard slowly starting to occur.

            He sighed as he was picking up all the mess that was left at the dining table. Ninomiya gritted his teeth when he felt his stomach began to grumble. He sealed his eyes shut, ‘Argh! Why right now!’ he complains in his heart. He stacked all the plates on each other when he take it to the kitchen all by himself. He couldn’t even blinked his eyes when he was making his way towards somewhere he didn’t even go before. Somehow, the cold night gave him a fright. Ninomiya gently bite his lower lips as he has the clueless idea what is freaking him out the whole night. He close his eyes only for a second before he opens up once again, ‘I swear to God, if anything ever happen tonight, I would regret for the rest of my life for coming here,’ he is cursing himself. He pause, as he notice the dark corridor with a minimum light from the hall in front that light it path. He took a step with no idea what is actually behind there. He inhaled a doubtful breath as he took one step ahead.
            Everybody seems to enjoy their night, but he couldn’t even manage to get a small bite of the dish that has been served for them. It is not that he doesn’t have the appetite for the supper, but he been drifting away in his own thought.  Who would have known that there will seven of them heading towards this house? And who is serving them this dishes? But from the look of it all, it seems like it was freshly bake, or cook for them… The house seems like it was already too old to be having anybody living inside, and if there could even be anybody’s property… why isn’t somebody comes out and ask them to leave that property when they only come and cause a disastrous mess inside the house?
            Sakurai couldn’t stop drinking the beer that he had found inside the house, and being wasted the whole time he was there. Jessica who is hoping to spend time with him, find it hopeless to stop Sakurai from consuming too much liquid, find herself join him and end up drunk worse than Sakurai. She went heading to the room upstairs and sleep with the door open. She could still be wearing everything that she was wearing or already left naked on the bed, who would know? The last time Ninomiya saw her when she was trying to crawl herself up the stairs before he started to do those chores that he have to do.
            And from too much ecstasy that he couldn’t stop taking, Ohno seems to be floating in his own delusion. Ohno was drowning in his own fantasy that never actually existed. Somehow, at that point, he could barely see anybody that was around him anymore due to his eyes that was dilated, he had taken off the sweater that he wore earlier hence because of his body temperature had increase. He started to talk nonsense on his own and walking deliberately inside the house with no direction. His girlfriend, Naomi, seems to be too high as she kept on begging Ohno to please her or make her feel so good right there in the living room hall. She couldn’t stop kissing him, but Ninomiya wasn’t sure if Ohno would even bother about her touching him anymore…
            Ninomiya lifted his shoulders up, ‘Yeah… Whatever…’ he said alone when it seems like he was left there all alone in the dining hall. He sigh, maybe Aiba and Matsumoto had been too full from eating too much, he couldn’t see them anywhere after their dinner had finished. Maybe the two of them already went inside the room and doze out to sleep or when somewhere to freshen up their heads. Who would know? Jessica might be inside the room that one of them were taking their time off and who would know what actually happen inside there?... But Ninomiya was sure that there would be too much room upstairs anyway since the house is humongous.

            Somehow, Ninomiya felt his heart was pounding so hard when the only thing that was playing in his mind at that time, he really wanted to get out from there… Was he was taking his steps towards the skink, he look around the place in the dim light of night, his eyes were looking around at the material of the house that seems to be still brand new even though the design seems to be pretty old. He puts those plates in his hands inside it and look at the outside world from the window that was sealed up right in front of his face. It seems like the blizzard has already begun since the snow that was still falling down before had been circling around the thin air. Those trees were swinging from side to side horridly and he knew that if he ever decided to go out from that house on his own that night to hide somewhere else apart from that old house, he knew he would die. He turned around when he rested his hips against the sink behind him and he couldn’t stop thinking.
            Why would a house that has been abandon for too long still have the electricity to light up the whole house? He gritted his teeth against each other when his eyes were still looking around in the dark kitchen. It seems like it was well furnished, but strangely, he doesn’t know that all of it came from which year…. He felt like he was in some sort of horror movie where these sets were only created in a small corner but sadly, he realize that this was actually the real world… He sighed on his own before he blinks his eyes a couple of times before he gripped his fist together. At the end, Ninomiya sealed his eyes shut once again, “Stop thinking too much, Ninomiya…” he scold himself when he felt like he was thinking too about nothing that would happen.
            He opened his eyes again as slowly he started to breathe properly once again. Ninomiya knew that he was left all alone to be doing all of these things that he should be doing and with a devastated heart, he lifted his shoulders up and turned on the pipe in front of him to wash the dish inside the sink, but right after he took one of the plate in his hand, he heard the sound of something that fell right behind his back… He thought that he was being careless, he accidently pushed something that was at the edge of the sink down, but when he looked at the floor, he saw nothing… The window at the kitchen, right in front of his face suddenly opens without any expectation when in a sudden; he heard footsteps were approaching towards his direction and Ninomiya’s heart stop beating for a short time… He pushed his spec that was hanging down on his nose for him to look but he know he was afraid…
            ‘It’s just nothing…’ he said in his heart and with a heavy heart, Ninomiya wanted to turn around but before he could, he heard the sound of something else that falls down on the ground so close to him. “What the…!” Ninomiya felt his body jerked off and he turned around instantly but with his guts that couldn’t restrain the fright anymore, he accidently dropped the white porcelain plate on the ground and cause it to crack to thousands of pieces. He felt himself triggers and somehow his eyes widens up when he saw a shadow of a man or something that was approaching him nearer... Much nearer each second passed away. He couldn’t move anywhere anymore as the ground was already scattered with the porcelain that that has broken down. If he ever decide to move away from there, he knew that he would bleed himself and cause him not being able to move anywhere anymore due to the injuries that he would be having.  At that time, how he felt his whole body triggers when he was terrify. Ninomiya couldn’t even blink his eyes when he looked at the shadow approaching to him closer… Much closer than before… He gripped at the side of the brick sink behind him…
            “What….” he manages to open his mouth that was left hanging somehow… The shadow seems so big and he doesn’t who was it… or what was it… Ninomiya was left frozen cold there… and he was all on his own…


            In the front hall, where almost everything had gone heir wire, the couch has been moved from where it was and certainly those cans of open beers were scattered around the front table. Sakurai stood up straight and he crossed his arms over his chest before he furrowed his eyebrow when he heard the sound of something shattered on the ground at the kitchen. He raised one side of his eyebrow up when he turned around infuriatedly, “Can you do your work more properly, Ninomiya?! Who knows at the end we got to pay for everything that you have broken down!” he shouted to Ninomiya irritatingly. He doesn’t know what actually happen at the kitchen. Sakurai whined and he rubbed his hand on his face. Sakurai grumbled and walked towards the empty seat at the living room hall. “What the hell have that idiot done!” he grumbled on his own and grabbed a can of unlimited beer inside the house on the table close to him.
            He opens it and took a sip and sealed his eyes shut. He could see the shadow of his girlfriend, Jessica, was calling for his name, but he snorted a little pitying her for being drunk too fast. “And you are wasting your time for being here…” Sakurai said on his own when he remembered at the end, from being too restless from all of the fun they were having, Jessica had decided to go inside the bedroom to take a nap or perhaps falls asleep... Sakurai raised his eyebrow when at that time, he doesn’t care about anything else anymore, “It’s your loss,” he said alone before he took another sip of the beer and finished it all at the end. Sakurai felt like his head was already floating up the sky at that time and he laughed on his own when he enjoyed his pleasant time right there.
            ‘I don’t think I can take all of this anymore, Sakurai honey…’ he remembered Jessica said to him that before she made her leave and wasted the whole night of excitement. “You are a fool, Jessica,” he said alone before he took a sip of the open beer and release himself on the couch close enough to him. He drinks the beer he was holding in his hand once again, and licks some of it that has spilled slightly on his arm. He doesn’t wasn’t to waste any of it.
            Sakurai wiped his lips away when he felt there’s a drop of beer at the side of his lips, “Ah, and that is wasted…’ he said alone again. He turned his gaze towards Ohno that wasn’t thinking about anything else anymore. Ohno changes his gesture on the couch that he was sitting on and Sakurai smirked toward Ohno when he thought that Ohno was looking at his direction. He raised one side of his hand up to greet Ohno, “Yo,” he said to Ohno. Ohno didn’t even bother about Sakurai when actually; Ohno couldn’t restrain the pleasure from the ecstasy that he took earlier. He grabbed the pack of it that he was holding in his hand. Ohno sealed his eyes when at that time, he felt like he wasn’t alive on the world anymore. His head was feeling so light, he felt like he was melting down on the ground as the temperature of his body began to increase furiously… ‘This is just beautiful…’ he said alone… He couldn’t feel anybody touching him or calling for his name anymore…

            Sakurai looked at how Ohno’s face expression at that time and he laughed hard. “What’s on your mind, Ohno! What’s on your mind?!” Sakurai said to Ohno when he still couldn’t stop laughing. He tries to reach for Ohno’s hand that seems too far away from his reach, “Hey, man!” Sakurai called for Ohno who seems to be slightly exhausted as his body temperature began to increase in the cold night. Ohno sealed his eyes when he doesn’t want to hear any noise or voice echoes in his mind anymore.

            At that time, Ohno doesn’t care about anybody calling for him. He inhaled a deep breath as he felt his heart was pounding harder than it was before. He could feel Naomi was holding his hand as the two of them already went from okay to nothing else matters in the world any longer. “Argh!” Ohno felt infuriated suddenly, before he pulled Naomi close in his arms, he pressed his lips against hers so hard. He couldn’t feel her kissing her back but he could only feel her being there right beside him. He could no longer see properly anymore as his eyes started to dilated once again from the large dose of drugs that he has taken after their zesty dinner that night… He could still hear somebody was calling for his name.
            “Oi! Ohno!” he heard Sakurai was calling for him again. He felt slightly infuriated when he heard Sakurai’s voice can’t stop calling for his is name when he needed some time on his own. He need sometime alone! Ohno grumbled before his slowly open one side of his eyes, “What do you want?” he asked Sakurai statically. Sakurai finished the last sip of another can of beer he was holding in his hand and tries to put the can on the table but it fell down on the ground instead. Sakurai laughed for his action there and he rubbed his eyes with his palm. “That is so stupid!” Sakurai said with an idiotic smile across his lips, he looked at Ohno when he could barely open his eyes anymore, but he was still laughing uncontrollably… He turned his gaze towards Ohno and it seems like Ohno was in his dream even though he was still awake. Sakurai laughed once again when he pointed towards Ohno’s direction.
            “What are you doing man?!” he asked Ohno, with his tone raise up so high, he thought that Ohno couldn’t hear him speak. Ohno grumbled when he heard the loud echo from Sakurai’s question to him. “Argh!” he grumbled once again and at the same time, Sakurai rubbed his nose when he felt a slight itch there and he leaned back down on the couch he was sitting on, “You are feeling that good, huh?!” he asked Ohno again. Ohno rolled his eyes when he actually could only hear the sound of Sakurai’s voice echoes in his head repeats over and over again... He didn’t concentrate at all with what Sakurai had say to him and the only action that he could do was only narrowed his eyes to give Sakurai some response. “What did you just say, Sakurai?” Ohno asked him when he could still feel his girlfriend couldn’t stop kissing him everywhere.
            Ohno turned his gaze towards Naomi. He felt her hands was touching him, her lips was kissing him from his lips, to the side of his cheek and lower down his neck, she have the intention to move further, but she wanted him to plead her that he wants more… Naomi couldn’t stop kissing him. “Love…” she called for him. Ohno could feel her breathe were gently touching against his skin, and her heart somehow was pounding much harder than it was before. She bite at the end of his ear before she whispers to him…
            “I need you…” he heard Naomi whispered to him, but in his mind, he only wanted everything to stop at that time. He couldn’t take the world that was still spinning around as the time kept on ticking as each second goes by. “Go away!” he grumbled hard and with his head spinning around, he pushed Naomi that was on her way to climb on top of his lap to the side when the sound of Sakurai talking to him was still heard. He heard Naomi grumbled, “Ohno!” she groaned. Ohno looked away from her and he scratched his head, ‘what the hell did he say to me?!’ he grumbled in his heart. Ohno felt like he couldn’t breathe for a while and he coughed several of times as he tries to opens up his lungs to be breathe again. He rubbed his eyes furiously as he was trying to wake up from his ‘sleep’, in a dream that isn’t when he was actually still wide awake… What breaks his heart is the thing that he was looking at was still the same thing.

            “Argh!” Ohno grumbled once more and he rubbed his eyes again He felt Sakurai touched his knee slightly with his hand and he turned his gaze towards Sakurai furiously, “What did you say to me, Sakurai?!” he shouted so hard when Sakurai was only next to him. He felt like he was muted from what the hell that was going on around him. He could barely hear anymore. Ohno touched his forehead, wiping away the sweat that was falling down, he felt his body began to burn somehow, and he ran his fingers through his hair and gripped his head with his long fingers. Ohno gripped at the side of the couch he was sitting on. He couldn’t bear his heart that was pounding so hard anymore.
            ‘Damn it!!! This is too much!’ he complains alone when he felt the headache was getting worse than before. He could still hear Sakurai laughing when he was sure that Sakurai was asking something from him. Ohno looked at Sakurai sharply when he felt his heart was beating faster than it was before. It was giving him too much pain for him to restrain anymore, he furrowed his eyebrow when he looked at Sakurai shadow that was reaching out for him. He pushed Sakurai’s hand away when finally after a long try, Sakurai manage to grab on Ohno’s hand. Ohno looked at Sakurai furiously, Ohno stood up instantly. “What the hell, man!” Ohno said to Sakurai.

            “What the hell, man?!” Sakurai heard Ohno jerked to him suddenly. Sakurai looked at Ohno who was irritated with him. Sakurai looked at Ohno, “Give me that!” Sakurai said to Ohno that doesn’t seems to be listening to him at all. Ohno furrowed his eyebrow, “Seriously! What the hell do you want from me?!” Ohno pushed Sakurai’s hand away once again as he was still reaching out for Ohno that was seating by his side. Sakurai laughed on his own when his head was too heavy from the alcohol that he had drank too much earlier. “Don’t bother me…” Ohno said to Sakurai as Ohno grabbed on Naomi’s hand and take her out from there. He doesn’t want Naomi to be left there with Sakurai alone. Sakurai could only heard their footsteps walking away from there and he looked at Ohno and Naomi’s shadow fading away from where he was seating before. Sakurai’s jaw dropped down when he saw the pills that he wanted from Ohno before fell down on the ground. It seems like he see things moving slowly… Sakurai raised one side of his eyebrow up when he couldn’t be thinking anything rationally anymore. “Why has it fall down?! You shouldn’t!!” he said as he was trying to reach out for it, but sadly it has fallen down as he fell down together with it on the ground. Sakurai grumbled when he took the packet of ecstasy. He looked at it for sometimes, “Right now… It’s just you and me…” he said to the packing before he opens it and took three pills and swallow it down his throat and felt relief at that time… Sakurai sealed his eyes shut with a smile across his face…
            “Now that is what you call heaven always by your side…” he said. At that time, he doesn’t know what actually happens anymore. His mind was too drifted away from all the problems that he have to face later once he will go back to Japan later… He doesn’t know what happen to Jessica anymore… He could see her face… but she was walking away from him… He tries to reach out for her… “Wait for me…” he was calling for her…but before he could even reach her, Sakurai fell down on the ground with the ecstasy in his hand fell out from the packet he was holding and falls directly on his face.
            Sakurai fell down half consciously…


            Ninomiya felt his heart was pounding much harder than it was before when his eyes was still looking at the shadow that was approaching to him much closer as each second had vanished away. He wasn’t sure what time it was at that time. It could before or after passed twelve, but he was certain that it was pretty late at night. He tries to remain himself from falling out of control… ‘I got to face all of this! I have to!’ Ninomiya cries alone in his heart when at that time he doesn’t care anymore on what will happen next. Ninomiya inhaled a deep breath, gripping his fist to tight, he knew that he have to do it right! ‘Just do it! Just do it!’ he said in his heart. He know that deep in his heart there are fright that was terrorizing him, but his curiosity was taking control of him somehow… He gritted his teeth against each other, and in the silence, he slowly exhaled the carbon dioxide that was in his mouth from the oxygen that he had breathe in before… and with no hesitation anymore, Ninomiya stood up straight at the end, “What do you want from me?!” he asked whoever it was furiously.

            He looked at the shadow that was walking towards him getting closer and as he waited for sometimes, but there is no answer. At that time, Ninomiya was gutted when he felt his heart was pounding much harder than it was before when only the silence was giving him the answer. The wind that was blowing from the window that was open slightly close to him were blowing gruesomely… He really wanted to run away from there, and he supposed the porcelain that was shattered right in front of him isn’t the first problem anymore…
            ‘You just need to get away from here! Just get away from here!’ he said in his heart, but only with one step that he took, he tore his feet from the broken plate on the ground. “Argh!” Ninomiya grumbled as he almost falls down right there. Ninomiya felt his heart was crying for help, but who was actually there to hear him out?! Ninomiya felt tears slowly falls down from his eyes when some part of his gaze were looking towards the shadow that was already close to him at that time.
            The shadow lifted one side of his hand up and Ninomiya doesn’t want to know how he would end his life anymore! He sealed his eyes shut when the only thing he could do was just say his last prayers…
            ‘May God always be with you, Ninomiya!’ he said in his heart and when he opens his eyes once again, he was startled to see the shadow was right in his face. He couldn’t feel his heart pound anymore at that time and in a speed of light, the hand went down. Ninomiya sealed his eyes once again.
            “No!!!” he screamed with all of his heart when he couldn’t think of anything else anymore.


            He climbs up the stairs while holding Naomi in his hands. Naomi felt his heart was pounding so hard when Ohno decided to take a very fast run on the stairs. Naomi shakes her head from side and she was holding Ohno’s hand to make him stop for a short time. She looked up the stairs that was narrowed enough for her to climb up in a very short time. “Stop it, Ohno! Stop!” she calls for him, even though some pat of her was still illusinating, but she know she can’t go on anymore. She stopped walking when she could still feel Ohno was still pulling her up.
            “And what the hell are you still waiting for huh, Naomi?!” he asked her furiously when in his mind, he could still remember when Sakurai was looking at her with too much intention in his mind, and somehow, Naomi did returned his glance. “What are you saying, love?!” she asked him when the sweat that was falling down from her body slowly awakens her little by little. She pulled Ohno’s hand to make Ohno stop from rushing his time and look at her. Ohno grabbed on her hand, and pushed her towards the wall on the stairs the two of them were standing on.
            “What am I doing, you are asking me?!” Ohno asked her furiously. Naomi looked at Ohno that seems to be too infuriated with her. She could feel his breathe were blowing against her skin infuriately, she pulls her hands away from his grip and she wrapped both of her arms around his shoulder and sealed the conversation with a tender kiss on his lips. Ohno was still trying to push her away, but with her hands gently caressing at the side of his face, Naomi felt Ohno started to lose down slightly. She breathe gely at the side of his lips, “I want you, Ohno…” she said to him.
            Ohno bite his lips when he heard Naomi said that to him. He rolled his eyes to mock her at the same time. “Heh!, I thought you wanted Sakurai instead of me,” he said to her straight forwardly. Naomi’s jaw dropped down as she couldn’t believe what Ohno had said to her. She touched his face once again before she kiss him once again. She furrowed her eyebrow when she looked at her, “And why would you think I want that guy anyway?” she asked him. Ohno looked away from her gaze to him. He still could barely see, but he know that she was looking at his direction from the glimmer in her eyes. He touched her face when he ran his fingers through her hand and he gripped it slightly. He could hear her groaned as she was in pain for what he has done to her.
            “Weren’t you busy looking at him when I said I don’t want you right now?!” he asked her. He heard Naomi laughed when she heard him said that. She rolled her eyes when she gently touched at the side of his hips and she pulled him closer to her. “And why would I want him when I already have the greatest one in my hand?” she said to him, cheekily. He could feel her fingers were gently touching his face, and slowly moving towards his lips, she pulled him closer to her…
            “But I want you, Ohno…” she whispered to him. Ohno looked at her before he furiously kissed her again. He could feel her breathe has increased as her heart was pounding much harder than it was before and without thinking anymore, Ohno grabbed Naomi’s hand as he pulled her up towards the rooms inside the house. Ohno could see there are a few rooms that the doors were open and some of it was already sealed close. He supposed that somebody were already inside those rooms. He could barely see things up there as the darkness were taking over the whole corridors. Ohno looked around when he could see that the door that was close enough to him were wide open and he thought that nobody could be inside that room.
            Ohno looked at Naomi that couldn’t stop kissing him from behind his back, "You really want this huh?” he asked her and he could get inside the first door that he saw open and pulls her inside the room without looking anywhere else anymore. Ohno pushed the door close and the only sound that could be heard outside was only her screaming from whatever he was doing to her.
            The corridor was still at its silent and the voice from inside the room were going together with the sound of wind that was blowing furiously from the old window that open in a sudden.


            Ninomiya felt his heart stopped beating at that time when suddenly the shadow that was taking action to him disappear suddenly when he felt somebody gripped his shoulder and pulled the t-shirt that he was wearing up rapidly. Ninomiya tries to pulls away from whoever it was as he was trying to breathe before he could face whatever that was in front of his face, suddenly he heard somebody was laughing at him.
            “What’s the matter with you, Ninomi?” he heard voice was saying something to him.  Ninomiya’s jaw dropped down slowly as he was trying to remember who it was calling for him… He opened his eyes when he looked at whoever that was in front of his face. He couldn’t believe his eyes, “You…” Ninomiya said.

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