Sunday, 11 September 2016

Mind Game 2

Our lips emerged against each other.  He wrapped his arms around my cold body. My body fell against his. Slowly he pulled my face away from his. He wipes away the tears that still kept on falling down. I looked deep into his clear soft brown eyes.  I looked away because I couldn't cope looking at his honest heart that wanted to be right beside me... But how was it possible for me to be with him when most of the time I'm on guard? Aiba shield me in his 'possesive property' and there isn't anybody that can disturb the relation between me and him.

Maybe once before I met Matsumoto when I go to a diner to with my girlfriends. Seeing him there, doing his work all alone, made me wonder who is this guy really was. I accidently left my purse at the diner. I was devastated at first, but when I go there once again, I saw him there once more. He come to me, and we didn't even looked into each other's eyes. He was only wearing his worn out clothes, I was afraid at first when he comes closer, but he doesn't have any other intention to do to me apart from returning the purse that I left at the diner before. I was gutted when I saw everything that was inside the purse was there. My credit card, my money, it's not even touch. I thanked him for it, but he only nodded his head and without any word, he turned around and walked away from me.

He made me curious at first to know who he was and the curiousity in my heart, somehow made my cold heart before melted and warmed once again... Everyday I go to the shop just because I want to see if he was there but each time I went there, I couldn't even see his shadow at all. I was devastated at first but as I was about to leave the diner, he walked in at the same time. I looked at his direction. He was still wearing the same worn out clothes. I couldn't think about anything else anymore. I wanted to go towards his direction but at that time, Aiba's man grabbed my shoulder and made me follow where he wanted me to go.

I grumbled hard when he was pulling me away from there. I tried to kick them away as they were dragging me out from the shop. "Let me go!" I screamed. People around me were afraid to come close since they know who that man worked for, but suddenly without me realize anything, somebody grabbed my hand and punch directly towards Aiba's man face.I almost stumbled but I felt his hand holding mine. I was shocked and starled at first, but when i turned around, I see it was him saving my life. He looked directly towards my direction.

"Run away from here!" he said to me. I nodded my head as the two of them continue to fight with each other. I ran away from there. I was crying because I don't know what to do anymore. I know I'm bounded with Aiba Masaki, but I wanted to go away from his grip. "I hope you will be alright," I said alone. I hide behind a big building as I was terrified to be left there on my own...


After a while, I was holding myself together, I don't know what I should do to myself anymore... I recalled back what has happened to me a while ago. Who was that guy and why would he wantedd to save my life? He doesn't even know who I was, but why would he care so much? I sighed and I closed my eyes. I looked the my watch and it was only nine fifteen at night, but the night seems to be so dark, I could even barely see anything. I had left my purse when the rumbled happened earlier. I was left with nothing at that time. My wallet, my mobile phone, everything is inside it but suddenly, I felt somebody touched my shoulder. I felt my heart palpitates instantly. I turned around to see who it was.

I was startled to see it was him standing behind me. His messed up hair, his clothes were torn apart. His lips were wounded. I inhaled a deep breath before I slowly tries to touch his face, but he walks away.

"You're wounded..." I said to him. He wipes away the blood stain with his hand. "This is nothing," he said to me.

It was very silent behind the building. He looked at my direction and handed me my purse again. "Don't leave this simply, miss. There are so many important document inside here," he said to me. I looked at his clear brown eyes. I took the purse as I bow down to him. "Thank you for saving me..." I said to him. He looked at my direction slightly, he bow down to me, "Just keep yourself safe," he said to me.

He turned around and walked away from there, but before he could move any further, and without hesitation, I grabbed on his hand. He stopped taking another step. He looked to his side. I felt the cold wind blow against my skin...

"Who are you?" I asked him... He didn't even bother to look at my direction...

"I'm Matsumoto. Matsumoto Jun," he said to me and he walked away from there...

"Matsumoto..." I said as I looked at him walking away from there...


After that day passed, I always go to the diner and kept on waiting for his return... One day, I saw him sitting on his own while he was doing his work, I smiled to myself and without hesitation I go and sat right in front of him. I wanted to know who he was and even though it wasn't easy for me to get to know who he was, finally after so long, the two of us had fallen in love...

He was just the son of the man that worked at the diner. He was a simple guy and loves to do thing the easy way instead of causing a mess in his head. Even though I'm a daughter of a Cosmetic company CEO, but I enjoy myself more being with him. Everyday we see each other. Even though at home I wasn't happy most of the time, but when I am with him, I felt like I'm the happiest girl in this world.


I felt my tears continue to fall when the memories of me and him before came back in my mind... I gently touched his cheek, "I don't want to be alone, Matsumoto..." I said to him. He sighed, wiping away the tears that was still falling on my face, he smiled to me slightly. "You know that it's impossible for me to be with you, baby," he said to me. He pinched my cheek and pulled me closed as our lips met once again.

"I don't want anything else to happen to you anymore... I would walk away from your life, but I want you to always remember that whatever happen, you will always be in my heart for the rest of my life," he said to me. He kissed my lips once again before he turned around and slowly walks away from there...

I was gutted when he decided to leave me. How am I supposed to live my life if I'm not with a person that I really love? Even though he has nothing so much for him to move on, but he is still living his life. Even though his pay isn't too much, but it's still enough for him to survive this cruel world. I looked at him walking away from me...

I shakes my head from side to side, I inhaled a deep breath, gripping my fist tight, I was sure with what I wanted to do now, "No... I won't let this happen..." I said and without any hesitation, I ran towards his direction.

 "Matsumoto!" I called for his name.


Inside a VIP apartment, suddenly a glass that was filled with wine were smashed directly on the ground. He looked at his men furiously, "I Don't care what is going to happen to any of you but I want you to get her back to me, right now!" he said to three of his men that were standing right in front of his face. THose men nodded their head, "Yes, master!" they said as they walked away from there.

Aiba was furious because it was already fifteen minutes to one in the morning and his fiance still isn't home yet. He was breathing heavily... He turned around and walked towards at the window at the side of the apartment. He looked at the moon that was giving the dim light at night. He griped his fist, "If it's still him you are looking for, I'll make sure that he will die the next day to come," he said as his fury was raging so hot deep in his heart.

(c) Scarlet BOundaries 2016

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